Chao-Hui Yeh
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Graphene Annealing: How Clean Can It Be?
Y-C Lin, C-C Lu, C-H Yeh, CH Jin, K Suenaga, P-W Chiu
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Single-Layer ReS2: Two-Dimensional Semiconductor with Tunable In-Plane Anisotropy
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High mobility flexible graphene field-effect transistors with self-healing gate dielectrics
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Magnetotransport at Domain Walls in
Q He, CH Yeh, JC Yang, G Singh-Bhalla, CW Liang, PW Chiu, G Catalan, ...
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Ferroelectric Control of the Conduction at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerface
VT Tra, JW Chen, PC Huang, BC Huang, Y Cao, CH Yeh, HJ Liu, ...
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Gigahertz flexible graphene transistors for microwave integrated circuits
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Robust room temperature valley polarization in monolayer and bilayer WS 2
PK Nayak, FC Lin, CH Yeh, JS Huang, PW Chiu
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Stable 1T tungsten disulfide monolayer and its junctions: growth and atomic structures
YC Lin, CH Yeh, HC Lin, MD Siao, Z Liu, H Nakajima, T Okazaki, ...
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Growth and Raman spectra of single-crystal trilayer graphene with different stacking orientations
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In situ tuning of switching window in a gate‐controlled bilayer graphene‐electrode resistive memory device
H Tian, H Zhao, XF Wang, QY Xie, HY Chen, MA Mohammad, C Li, WT Mi, ...
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Direct growth of self-crystallized graphene and graphite nanoballs with Ni vapor-assisted growth: From controllable growth to material characterization
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High-performance organic light-emitting diode with substitutionally boron-doped graphene anode
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Scalable graphite/copper bishell composite for high-performance interconnects
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Layer-Dependent Optical Conductivity in Atomic Thin WS2 by Reflection Contrast Spectroscopy
PK Nayak, CH Yeh, YC Chen, PW Chiu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (18), 16020-16026, 2014
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