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The strength of phenotypic selection in natural populations
JG Kingsolver, HE Hoekstra, JM Hoekstra, D Berrigan, SN Vignieri, ...
The American Naturalist 157 (3), 245-261, 2001
Strength and tempo of directional selection in the wild
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Again, and again, and again…
BR Jasny, G Chin, L Chong, S Vignieri
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Streams over mountains: influence of riparian connectivity on gene flow in the Pacific jumping mouse (Zapus trinotatus)
SN Vignieri
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The selective advantage of crypsis in mice
SN Vignieri, JG Larson, HE Hoekstra
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 64 (7), 2153-2158, 2010
Adaptive basis of geographic variation: genetic, phenotypic and environmental differences among beach mouse populations
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The pesticide paradox
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Responses to olfactory stimuli in spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuts): II. Discrimination of conspecific scent.
CM Drea, SN Vignieri, HS Kim, ML Weldele, SE Glickman
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Data replication & reproducibility. Again, and again, and again.... Introduction.
BR Jasny, G Chin, L Chong, S Vignieri
Science (New York, NY) 334 (6060), 1225-1225, 2011
The Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf is not yet recovered
BJ Bergstrom, S Vignieri, SR Sheffield, W Sechrest, AA Carlson
BioScience 59 (11), 991-999, 2009
Population structure as revealed by mtDNA and microsatellites in Northern fur seals, Callorhinus ursinus, throughout their range
BR Dickerson, RR Ream, SN Vignieri, P Bentzen
PLoS One 5 (5), 2010
Mistaken view of taxonomic validity undermines conservation of an evolutionarily distinct mouse: a response to Ramey et al. (2005)
SN Vignieri, EM Hallerman, BJ Bergstrom, DJ Hafner, AP Martin, ...
Animal Conservation 9 (3), 237-243, 2006
Responses to olfactory stimuli in spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta): I. Investigation of environmental odors and the function of rolling.
CM Drea, SN Vignieri, SB Cunningham, SE Glickman
Journal of Comparative Psychology 116 (4), 331, 2002
Once and future climate change
C Ash, E Culotta, J Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink, D Malakoff, J Smith, ...
Science 341 (6145), 472-473, 2013
Vanishing fauna
S Vignieri
Science 345 (6195), 392-395, 2014
Cryptic behaviours, inverse genetic landscapes, and spatial avoidance of inbreeding in the Pacific jumping mouse
SN Vignieri
Molecular ecology 16 (4), 853-866, 2007
Editorial Commentary: Varicella Zoster Virus Infection: Generally Benign in Kids, Bad in Grown-ups
M Nagel, D Gilden
Clinical infectious diseases 58 (11), 1504-1506, 2014
The genetic effects of ecological disturbance: flooding in jumping mice
SN Vignieri
The American Naturalist 175 (1), 126-135, 2010
Forest health in a changing world
A Sugden, J Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink, D Malakoff, S Vignieri
Science 349 (6250), 800-801, 2015
Human conflict: winning the peace
G Riddihough, G Chin, E Culotta, B Jasny, L Roberts, S Vignieri
Science 336 (6083), 818-819, 2012
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