Chiara Tarantini
Chiara Tarantini
Applied Superconductivity Center, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
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Small anisotropy, weak thermal fluctuations, and high field superconductivity in Co-doped iron pnictide
A Yamamoto, J Jaroszynski, C Tarantini, L Balicas, J Jiang, A Gurevich, ...
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S Lee, J Jiang, Y Zhang, CW Bark, JD Weiss, C Tarantini, CT Nelson, ...
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S Lee, J Jiang, JD Weiss, CM Folkman, CW Bark, C Tarantini, A Xu, ...
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Observation of the Crossover from Two-Gap to Single-Gap Superconductivity through Specific Heat Measurements in Neutron-Irradiated
M Putti, M Affronte, C Ferdeghini, P Manfrinetti, C Tarantini, E Lehmann
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Suppression of the critical temperature of superconducting NdFeAs (OF) single crystals by Kondo-like defect sites induced by α-particle irradiation
C Tarantini, M Putti, A Gurevich, Y Shen, RK Singh, JM Rowell, ...
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C Tarantini, S Lee, Y Zhang, J Jiang, CW Bark, JD Weiss, A Polyanskii, ...
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Self-assembled oxide nanopillars in epitaxial thin films for vortex pinning
Y Zhang, CT Nelson, S Lee, J Jiang, CW Bark, JD Weiss, C Tarantini, ...
Applied Physics Letters 98 (4), 042509, 2011
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