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Diego Hojsgaard
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Taxonomy and biogeography of apomixis in angiosperms and associated biodiversity characteristics
D Hojsgaard, S Klatt, R Baier, JG Carman, E H÷randl
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 33 (5), 414-427, 2014
Harnessing apomictic reproduction in grasses: what we have learned from Paspalum
JPA Ortiz, CL Quarin, SC Pessino, C Acu˝a, EJ MartÝnez, F Espinoza, ...
Annals of Botany 112 (5), 767-787, 2013
The evolution of apomixis in angiosperms: a reappraisal
E H÷randl, D Hojsgaard
Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plantá…, 2012
Competition between meiotic and apomictic pathways during ovule and seed development results in clonality
DH Hojsgaard, EJ MartÝnez, CL Quarin
New Phytologist 197 (1), 336-347, 2013
Emergence of apospory and bypass of meiosis via apomixis after sexual hybridisation and polyploidisation
D Hojsgaard, J Greilhuber, M Pellino, O Paun, TF Sharbel, E H÷randl
New Phytologist 204 (4), 1000-1012, 2014
Asexual genome evolution in the apomictic Ranunculus auricomus complex: examining the effects of hybridization and mutation accumulation
M Pellino, D Hojsgaard, T Schmutzer, U Scholz, E H÷randl, H Vogel, ...
Molecular Ecology 22 (23), 5908-5921, 2013
Sexuality, apomixis, ploidy levels, and genomic relationships among four Paspalum species of the subgenus Anachyris (Poaceae)
D Hojsgaard, E Schegg, JFM Valls, EJ MartÝnez, CL Quarin
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 203 (7), 535-547, 2008
A little bit of sex matters for genome evolution in asexual plants
D Hojsgaard, E H÷randl
Frontiers in plant science 6, 82, 2015
ITS polymorphisms shed light on hybrid evolution in apomictic plants: a case study on the Ranunculus auricomus complex
L Hodač, AP Scheben, D Hojsgaard, O Paun, E H÷randl
PLoS One 9 (7), e103003, 2014
Photoperiod extension enhances sexual megaspore formation and triggers metabolic reprogramming in facultative apomictic Ranunculus auricomus
S Klatt, F Hadacek, L Hodač, G Brinkmann, M Eilerts, D Hojsgaard, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 278, 2016
Chromosome numbers and ploidy levels of Paspalum species from subtropical South America (Poaceae)
D Hojsgaard, AI Honfi, G Rua, J Davina
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 56 (4), 533-545, 2009
The rise of apomixis in natural plant populations
D Hojsgaard, E H÷randl
Frontiers in plant science 10, 358, 2019
Niche dynamics of alien species do not differ among sexual and apomictic flowering plants
AS Dellinger, F Essl, D Hojsgaard, B Kirchheimer, S Klatt, W Dawson, ...
New Phytologist 209 (3), 1313-1323, 2016
Segregation for Sexual Seed Production in Paspalum as Directed by Male Gametes of Apomictic Triploid Plants
EJ MartÝnez, CA Acu˝a, DH Hojsgaard, MA Tcach, CL Quarin
Annals of botany 100 (6), 1239-1247, 2007
A molecular map of the apomixis-control locus in Paspalum procurrens and its comparative analysis with other species of Paspalum
DH Hojsgaard, EJ MartÝnez, CA Acu˝a, CL Quarin, F Pupilli
Theoretical and applied genetics 123 (6), 959-971, 2011
Chromosome studies in Orchidaceae from Argentina
JR Davi˝a, M Grabiele, JC Cerutti, DH Hojsgaard, RD Almada, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 32 (4), 811-821, 2009
Transient activation of apomixis in sexual neotriploids may retain genomically altered states and enhance polyploid establishment
D Hojsgaard
Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 230, 2018
Intraspecific ecological niche divergence and reproductive shifts foster cytotype displacement and provide ecological opportunity to polyploids
P Karunarathne, M Schedler, EJ MartÝnez, AI Honfi, A Novichkova, ...
Annals of botany 121 (6), 1183-1196, 2018
Evaluation of meiotic abnormalities and pollen viability in aposporous and sexual tetraploid Paspalum notatum (Poaceae)
M Podio, LA Siena, D Hojsgaard, J Stein, CL Quarin, JPA Ortiz
Plant Systematics and Evolution 298 (9), 1625-1633, 2012
IAPT/IOPB chromosome data 1
K Marhold
Taxon 55 (2), 443-445, 2006
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