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Optineurin links myosin VI to the Golgi complex and is involved in Golgi organization and exocytosis
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Myosin VI binds to and localises with Dab2, potentially linking receptor‐mediated endocytosis and the actin cytoskeleton
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The localization of myosin VI at the Golgi complex and leading edge of fibroblasts and its phosphorylation and recruitment into membrane ruffles of A431 cells after growth…
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Filopodia act as phagocytic tentacles and pull with discrete steps and a load-dependent velocity
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Myosin VI targeting to clathrin-coated structures and dimerization is mediated by binding to Disabled-2 and PtdIns (4, 5) P 2
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Autophagy receptors link myosin VI to autophagosomes to mediate Tom1-dependent autophagosome maturation and fusion with the lysosome
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A monomeric myosin VI with a large working stroke
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Distribution of profilin in fibroblasts correlates with the presence of highly dynamic actin filaments
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Loss of myosin VI reduces secretion and the size of the Golgi in fibroblasts from Snell's waltzer mice
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Myosin VI and its interacting protein LMTK2 regulate tubule formation and transport to the endocytic recycling compartment
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Myosin VI is required for sorting of AP-1B–dependent cargo to the basolateral domain in polarized MDCK cells
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The autophagy receptor TAX1BP1 and the molecular motor myosin VI are required for clearance of salmonella typhimurium by autophagy
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How are the cellular functions of myosin VI regulated within the cell?
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T6BP and NDP52 are myosin VI binding partners with potential roles in cytokine signalling and cell adhesion
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Myosin VI, a new force in clathrin mediated endocytosis
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