J. F. Algorri
J. F. Algorri
Assistant Professor (UC3M)
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All-optical nanometric switch based on the directional scattering of semiconductor nanoparticles
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A novel high-sensitivity, low-power, liquid crystal temperature sensor
JF Algorri, V Urruchi, N Bennis, JM Sánchez-Pena
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Tunable liquid crystal multifocal microlens array
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Low aberration and fast switching microlenses based on a novel liquid crystal mixture
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Liquid crystal spherical microlens array with high fill factor and optical power
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Note: Electrical modeling and characterization of voltage gradient in liquid crystal microlenses
V Urruchi, JF Algorri, C Marcos, JM Sánchez-Pena
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Ultrahigh-quality factor resonant dielectric metasurfaces based on hollow nanocuboids
JF Algorri, DC Zografopoulos, A Ferraro, B García-Cámara, R Beccherelli, ...
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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Based On Amplitude Modulation of Metallic and Semiconductor Nanoparticles in a Liquid Crystal Mixture
J Algorri, B García-Cámara, A Garcia-Garcia, V Urruchi, J Sanchez-Pena
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Directional scattering of semiconductor nanoparticles embedded in a liquid crystal
B García-Cámara, JF Algorri, V Urruchi, JM Sánchez-Pena
Materials 7 (4), 2784-2794, 2014
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