Marco Tarini
Marco Tarini
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Ambient occlusion and edge cueing for enhancing real time molecular visualization
M Tarini, P Cignoni, C Montani
IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, 1237-1244, 2006
M Tarini, K Hormann, P Cignoni, C Montani
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 23 (3), 853-860, 2004
Quad‐Mesh Generation and Processing: A Survey
D Bommes, B LÚvy, N Pietroni, E Puppo, C Silva, M Tarini, D Zorin
Computer Graphics Forum 32 (6), 51–76, 2013
Protected interactive 3D graphics via remote rendering
D Koller, M Turitzin, M Levoy, M Tarini, G Croccia, P Cignoni, R Scopigno
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 23 (3), 695-703, 2004
3D acquisition of mirroring objects using striped patterns
M Tarini, HPA Lensch, M Goesele, HP Seidel
Graphical Models 67 (4), 233-259, 2005
Almost isometric mesh parameterization through abstract domains
N Pietroni, M Tarini, P Cignoni
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 16 (4), 621-635, 2010
Practical quad mesh simplification
M Tarini, N Pietroni, P Cignoni, D Panozzo, E Puppo
Computer Graphics Forum 29 (2), 407-418, 2010
Preserving attribute values on simplified meshes by resampling detail textures
P Cignoni, C Montani, C Rocchini, R Scopigno, M Tarini
The Visual Computer 15 (10), 519-539, 1999
Simple quad domains for field aligned mesh parametrization
M Tarini, E Puppo, D Panozzo, N Pietroni, P Cignoni
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 30 (6), 142, 2011
A simple normal enhancement technique for interactive non-photorealistic renderings
P Cignoni, R Scopigno, M Tarini
Computers & Graphics 29 (1), 125-133, 2005
Instant Field-Aligned Meshes
W Jakob, M Tarini, D Panozzo, O Sorkine-Hornung
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 34 (6), 189, 2015
Quad Meshing.
D Bommes, B LÚvy, N Pietroni, E Puppo, CT Silva, M Tarini, D Zorin
Eurographics (STARs), 159-182, 2012
Frame fields: Anisotropic and non-orthogonal cross fields
D Panozzo, E Puppo, M Tarini, O Sorkine-Hornung
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 33 (4), 134, 2014
Marching intersections: an efficient approach to shape-from-silhouette
M Tarini, M Callieri, C Montani, C Rocchini, K Olsson, T Persson
Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2002, 283-290, 2002
P Cignoni, G Ranzuglia, M Callieri, M Corsini, F Ganovelli, N Pietroni, ...
Texturing faces
M Tarini, H Yamauchi, J Haber, HP Seidel
Graphics Interface 2002, 89-98, 2002
Real Time, Accurate, Multi‐Featured Rendering of Bump Mapped Surfaces
M Tarini, P Cignoni, C Rocchini, R Scopigno
Computer Graphics Forum 19 (3), 119-130, 2000
Global parametrization of range image sets
N Pietroni, M Tarini, O Sorkine, D Zorin
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 30 (6), 149, 2011
Browsing large image datasets through voronoi diagrams
P Brivio, M Tarini, P Cignoni
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 16 (6), 1261-1270, 2010
Pinchmaps: Textures with customizable discontinuities
M Tarini, P Cignoni
Computer Graphics Forum 24 (3), 557-568, 2005
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