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Iopamidol as a responsive MRI‐chemical exchange saturation transfer contrast agent for pH mapping of kidneys: in vivo studies in mice at 7 T
DL Longo, W Dastru, G Digilio, J Keupp, S Langereis, S Lanzardo, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 65 (1), 202-211, 2011
Ubiad1 is an antioxidant enzyme that regulates eNOS activity by CoQ10 synthesis
V Mugoni, R Postel, V Catanzaro, E De Luca, E Turco, G Digilio, L Silengo, ...
Cell 152 (3), 504-518, 2013
Contrast agents for magnetic resonance angiographic applications: 1H and 17O NMR relaxometric investigations on two gadolinium(III) DTPA-like chelates …
S Aime, M Chiaussa, G Digilio, E Gianolio, E Terreno
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 4 (6), 766-774, 1999
The long acidic tail of high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) protein forms an extended and flexible structure that interacts with specific residues within and between the HMG boxes
S Knapp, S Müller, G Digilio, T Bonaldi, ME Bianchi, G Musco
Biochemistry 43 (38), 11992-11997, 2004
EPR investigations of the iron domain in neuromelanin
S Aime, B Bergamasco, D Biglino, G Digilio, M Fasano, E Giamello, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease 1361 (1), 49-58, 1997
Q-band EPR investigations of neuromelanin in control and Parkinson’s disease patients
L Lopiano, M Chiesa, G Digilio, S Giraudo, B Bergamasco, E Torre, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease 1500 (3), 306-312, 2000
Proteomic analysis of a genetically modified maize flour carrying Cry1Ab gene and comparison to the corresponding wild-type
AG Albo, S Mila, G Digilio, M Motto, S Aime, D Corpillo
NMR structure of the single QALGGH zinc finger domain from the Arabidopsis thaliana SUPERMAN protein
C Isernia, E Bucci, M Leone, L Zaccaro, P Di Lello, G Digilio, S Esposito, ...
Chembiochem 4 (2‐3), 171-180, 2003
Exofacial protein thiols as a route for the internalization of Gd (III)-based complexes for magnetic resonance imaging cell labeling
G Digilio, V Menchise, E Gianolio, V Catanzaro, C Carrera, R Napolitano, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (13), 4877-4890, 2010
Isolation and 13C‐NMR characterization of an insoluble proteinaceous fraction from substantia nigra of patients with parkinson's disease
S Aime, B Bergamasco, M Casu, G Digilio, M Fasano, S Giraudo, ...
Movement disorders 15 (5), 977-981, 2000
NMR Structure of Two Novel Polyethylene Glycol Conjugates of the Human Growth Hormone-Releasing Factor, hGRF(1−29)−NH2
G Digilio, L Barbero, C Bracco, D Corpillo, P Esposito, G Piquet, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (12), 3458-3470, 2003
Characterization of human hair melanin and its degradation products by means of magnetic resonance techniques
S Ghiani, S Baroni, D Burgio, G Digilio, M Fukuhara, P Martino, K Monda, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46 (5), 471-479, 2008
On the fate of MRI Gd-based contrast agents in cells. Evidence for extensive degradation of linear complexes upon endosomal internalization
E Di Gregorio, E Gianolio, R Stefania, G Barutello, G Digilio, S Aime
Analytical chemistry 85 (12), 5627-5631, 2013
Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion profiles of substantia nigra pars compacta in Parkinson’s disease patients are consistent with protein aggregation
L Lopiano, M Fasano, S Giraudo, G Digilio, SH Koenig, E Torre, ...
Neurochemistry international 37 (4), 331-336, 2000
Gadolinium-doped LipoCEST agents: A potential novel class of dual 1 H-MRI probes
E Terreno, C Boffa, V Menchise, F Fedeli, C Carrera, DD Castelli, ...
Chemical Communications 47 (16), 4667-4669, 2011
In vitro and in vivo assessment of nonionic iodinated radiographic molecules as chemical exchange saturation transfer magnetic resonance imaging tumor perfusion agents
DL Longo, F Michelotti, L Consolino, P Bardini, G Digilio, G Xiao, PZ Sun, ...
Investigative Radiology 51 (3), 155-162, 2016
A R2p/R1p Ratiometric Procedure to Assess Matrix Metalloproteinase‐2 Activity by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
V Catanzaro, CV Gringeri, V Menchise, S Padovan, C Boffa, W Dastrù, ...
Angewandte Chemie 125 (14), 4018-4022, 2013
Metal complexes as allosteric effectors of human hemoglobin: an NMR study of the interaction of the gadolinium (III) bis (m-boroxyphenylamide) diethylenetriaminepentaacetic …
S Aime, G Digilio, M Fasano, S Paoletti, A Arnelli, P Ascenzi
Biophysical journal 76 (5), 2735-2743, 1999
HR‐MAS of cells: A “cellular water shift” due to water‐protein interactions?
S Aime, E Bruno, C Cabella, S Colombatto, G Digilio, V Mainero
Magnetic resonance in medicine 54 (6), 1547-1552, 2005
A cyclic CCK8 analogue selective for the cholecystokinin type A receptor: design, synthesis, NMR structure and binding measurements
S De Luca, R Ragone, C Bracco, G Digilio, L Aloj, D Tesauro, M Saviano, ...
ChemBioChem 4 (11), 1176-1187, 2003
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