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Immune or genetic-mediated disruption of CASPR2 causes pain hypersensitivity due to enhanced primary afferent excitability
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Trk receptor signaling and sensory neuron fate are perturbed in human neuropathy caused by Gars mutations
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Morphological and functional properties distinguish the substance P and gastrin-releasing peptide subsets of excitatory interneuron in the spinal cord dorsal horn
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A novel SOD1-ALS mutation separates central and peripheral effects of mutant SOD1 toxicity
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Sensory processing of deep tissue nociception in the rat spinal cord and thalamic ventrobasal complex
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Microglia: sculptors of neuropathic pain?
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Brain-wide representations of prior information in mouse decision-making
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Accurate localization of linear probe electrode arrays across multiple brains
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Psychiatric disorders in patients undergoing intestinal transplantation
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Quality of life and performance status before and after small intestinal transplantation
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A modular architecture for organizing, processing and sharing neurophysiology data
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StereoMate: 3D stereological automated analysis of biological structures
SJ West, D Bonboire, DL Bennett
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