Ananya Banik
Ananya Banik
Humboldt postdoctoral fellow, WWU Mnster
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Mg alloying in SnTe facilitates valence band convergence and optimizes thermoelectric properties
A Banik, US Shenoy, S Anand, UV Waghmare, K Biswas
Chemistry of Materials 27 (2), 581-587, 2015
High Power Factor and Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of SnTe-AgInTe2: Synergistic Effect of Resonance Level and Valence Band Convergence
A Banik, US Shenoy, S Saha, UV Waghmare, K Biswas
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (39), 13068-13075, 2016
The origin of low thermal conductivity in Sn 1− x Sb x Te: Phonon scattering via layered intergrowth nanostructures
A Banik, B Vishal, S Perumal, R Datta, K Biswas
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (6), 2011-2019, 2016
Lead-free thermoelectrics: promising thermoelectric performance in p-type SnTe 1− x Se x system
A Banik, K Biswas
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (25), 9620-9625, 2014
Engineering ferroelectric instability to achieve ultralow thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric performance in Sn 1− x Ge x Te
A Banik, T Ghosh, R Arora, M Dutta, J Pandey, S Acharya, A Soni, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (2), 589-595, 2019
All-solid-state mechanochemical synthesis and post-synthetic transformation of inorganic perovskite-type halides
P Pal, S Saha, A Banik, A Sarkar, K Biswas
Chem.-Eur. J 24 (8), 1811-1815, 2018
Few‐Layer Nanosheets of n‐Type SnSe2
S Saha, A Banik, K Biswas
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (44), 15634-15638, 2016
The journey of tin chalcogenides towards high-performance thermoelectrics and topological materials
A Banik, S Roychowdhury, K Biswas
Chemical Communications 54 (50), 6573-6590, 2018
AgI alloying in SnTe boosts the thermoelectric performance via simultaneous valence band convergence and carrier concentration optimization
A Banik, K Biswas
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 242, 43-49, 2016
n-Type Ultrathin Few-Layer Nanosheets of Bi-Doped SnSe: Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties
S Chandra, A Banik, K Biswas
ACS Energy Letters 3 (5), 1153-1158, 2018
Synthetic nanosheets of natural van der Waals heterostructures
A Banik, K Biswas
Angewandte Chemie 129 (46), 14753-14758, 2017
Mechanochemical Synthesis: A Tool to Tune Cation Site Disorder and Ionic Transport Properties of Li3MCl6 (M = Y, Er) Superionic Conductors
R Schlem, S Muy, N Prinz, A Banik, Y Shao‐Horn, M Zobel, WG Zeier
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (6), 1903719, 2020
Materials design of ionic conductors for solid state batteries
S Ohno, A Banik, GF Dewald, MA Kraft, T Krauskopf, N Minafra, P Till, ...
Progress in Energy 2 (2), 022001, 2020
Local ferroelectricity in thermoelectric SnTe above room temperature driven by competing phonon instabilities and soft resonant bonding
L Aggarwal, A Banik, S Anand, UV Waghmare, K Biswas, G Sheet
Journal of Materiomics 2 (2), 196-202, 2016
Thermoelectric energy conversion and topological materials based on heavy metal chalcogenides
S Roychowdhury, M Samanta, A Banik, K Biswas
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 275, 103-123, 2019
Highly Converged Valence Bands and Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity for High‐Performance SnTe Thermoelectrics
D Sarkar, T Ghosh, A Banik, S Roychowdhury, D Sanyal, K Biswas
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020
A game-changing strategy in SnSe thermoelectrics
A Banik, K Biswas
Joule 3 (3), 636-638, 2019
Thermoelectric energy conversion in layered metal Chalcogenides
SN Guin, A Banik, K Biswas
2d Inorganic Materials Beyond Graphene, 239, 2017
Thermoelectric Properties of Metal Chalcogenides Nanosheets and Nanofilms Grown by Chemical and Physical Routes
A Banik, S Perumal, K Biswas
Thermoelectric Thin Films, 157-184, 2019
Na₃₋ ₓEr₁₋ ₓZrₓCl₆—A Halide-Based Fast Sodium-Ion Conductor with Vacancy-Driven Ionic Transport
R Schlem, A Banik, M Eckardt, M Zobel, WG Zeier
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (10), 10164-10173, 2020
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