Tobias Marschall
Tobias Marschall
Center for Bioinformatics, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarland Informatics Campus
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Whole-genome sequence variation, population structure and demographic history of the Dutch population
TG the Netherlands Consortium
Nature Genetics 46, 818-825, 2014
Genome-wide patterns and properties of de novo mutations in humans
LC Francioli, PP Polak, A Koren, A Menelaou, S Chun, I Renkens, ...
Nature Genetics 47 (7), 822-826, 2015
Deep sequencing reveals differential expression of microRNAs in favorable versus unfavorable neuroblastoma
JH Schulte, T Marschall, M Martin, P Rosenstiel, P Mestdagh, S Schlierf, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (17), 5919-5928, 2010
Computational pan-genomics: status, promises and challenges
T Marschall, M Marz, T Abeel, L Dijkstra, BE Dutilh, A Ghaffaari, P Kersey, ...
Briefings in Bioinformatics, 2016
Characteristics of de novo structural changes in the human genome
WP Kloosterman, LC Francioli, F Hormozdiari, T Marschall, JY Hehir-Kwa, ...
Genome research 25 (6), 792-801, 2015
CLEVER: clique-enumerating variant finder
T Marschall, IG Costa, S Canzar, M Bauer, GW Klau, A Schliep, ...
Bioinformatics 28 (22), 2875-2882, 2012
Improved imputation quality of low-frequency and rare variants in European samples using the ‘Genome of The Netherlands’
P Deelen, A Menelaou, EM Van Leeuwen, A Kanterakis, F Van Dijk, ...
European Journal of Human Genetics 22 (11), 1321, 2014
Mapping and phasing of structural variation in patient genomes using nanopore sequencing
MC Stancu, MJ Van Roosmalen, I Renkens, MM Nieboer, S Middelkamp, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1326, 2017
Efficient exact motif discovery
T Marschall, S Rahmann
Bioinformatics 25 (12), i356-i364, 2009
WhatsHap: weighted haplotype assembly for future-generation sequencing reads
M Patterson, T Marschall, N Pisanti, L Van Iersel, L Stougie, GW Klau, ...
Journal of Computational Biology 22 (6), 498-509, 2015
Viral quasispecies assembly via maximal clique enumeration
A Töpfer, T Marschall, RA Bull, F Luciani, A Schönhuth, N Beerenwinkel
PLoS computational biology 10 (3), e1003515, 2014
Multi-platform discovery of haplotype-resolved structural variation in human genomes
MJP Chaisson, AD Sanders, X Zhao, A Malhotra, D Porubsky, T Rausch, ...
Nature communications 10, 2019
Discovering motifs that induce sequencing errors
M Allhoff, A Schönhuth, M Martin, IG Costa, S Rahmann, T Marschall
BMC bioinformatics 14 (5), S1, 2013
MATE-CLEVER: Mendelian-inheritance-aware discovery and genotyping of midsize and long indels
T Marschall, I Hajirasouliha, A Schönhuth
Bioinformatics 29 (24), 3143-3150, 2013
A high-quality human reference panel reveals the complexity and distribution of genomic structural variants
JY Hehir-Kwa, T Marschall, WP Kloosterman, LC Francioli, JA Baaijens, ...
Nature communications 7, 12989, 2016
Population-specific genotype imputations using minimac or IMPUTE2
EM van Leeuwen, A Kanterakis, P Deelen, MV Kattenberg, ...
Nature Protocols 10 (9), 1285-1296, 2015
WhatsHap: Haplotype Assembly for Future-Generation Sequencing Reads
M Patterson, T Marschall, N Pisanti, L van Iersel, L Stougie, GW Klau, ...
International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 237-249, 2014
Genome of the Netherlands population-specific imputations identify an ABCA6 variant associated with cholesterol levels
EM van Leeuwen, LC Karssen, J Deelen, A Isaacs, C Medina-Gomez, ...
Nature Communications 6, 6065, 2015
Probabilistic arithmetic automata and their application to pattern matching statistics
T Marschall, S Rahmann
Annual symposium on combinatorial pattern matching, 95-106, 2008
Dense and accurate whole-chromosome haplotyping of individual genomes
D Porubsky, S Garg, AD Sanders, JO Korbel, V Guryev, PM Lansdorp, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1293, 2017
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