Zsolt Turi
Zsolt Turi
Department of Neuroanatomy, Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Freiburg
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Spatial working memory in humans depends on theta and high gamma synchronization in the prefrontal cortex
I Alekseichuk, Z Turi, GA De Lara, A Antal, W Paulus
Current biology 26 (12), 1513-1521, 2016
Both the cutaneous sensation and phosphene perception are modulated in a frequency-specific manner during transcranial alternating current stimulation
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When size matters: large electrodes induce greater stimulation-related cutaneous discomfort than smaller electrodes at equivalent current density
Z Turi, GG Ambrus, KA Ho, T Sengupta, W Paulus, A Antal
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Weak rTMS-induced electric fields produce neural entrainment in humans
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Separating recognition processes of declarative memory via anodal tDCS: boosting old item recognition by temporal and new item detection by parietal stimulation
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Placebo intervention enhances reward learning in healthy individuals
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Model-driven neuromodulation of the right posterior region promotes encoding of long-term memories
I Alekseichuk, Z Turi, S Veit, W Paulus
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θ-γ cross-frequency transcranial alternating current stimulation over the trough impairs cognitive control
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On ways to overcome the magical capacity limit of working memory
Z Turi, I Alekseichuk, W Paulus
PLoS biology 16 (4), e2005867, 2018
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