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Energy and exergy analysis in an asphalt plant’s rotary dryer
D Peinado, M De Vega, N García-Hernando, C Marugán-Cruz
Applied Thermal Engineering 31 (6-7), 1039-1049, 2011
Dense-phase velocity fluctuation in a 2-D fluidized bed
S Sánchez-Delgado, C Marugán-Cruz, A Acosta-Iborra, D Santana
Powder Technology 200 (1-2), 37-45, 2010
Comparison of simplified heat transfer models and CFD simulations for molten salt external receiver
MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, C Marugan-Cruz, A Acosta-Iborra, D Santana
Applied thermal engineering 73 (1), 993-1005, 2014
New designs of molten-salt tubular-receiver for solar power tower
MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, A Sánchez-González, C Marugán-Cruz, ...
Energy Procedia 49 (504-513), 6-7, 2014
Heat transfer and thermal stresses in a circular tube with a non-uniform heat flux
C Marugán-Cruz, O Flores, D Santana, M García-Villalba
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 96, 256-266, 2016
Estimation and experimental validation of the circulation time in a 2D gas–solid fluidized beds
S Sánchez-Delgado, C Marugán-Cruz, A Soria-Verdugo, D Santana
Powder technology 235, 669-676, 2013
Negatively buoyant starting jets
C Marugán-Cruz, J Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C Martínez-Bazán
Physics of Fluids 21 (11), 117101, 2009
Defluidization and agglomeration of a fluidized bed reactor during Cynara cardunculus L. gasification using sepiolite as a bed material
D Serrano, S Sánchez-Delgado, C Sobrino, C Marugán-Cruz
Fuel Processing Technology 131, 338-347, 2015
Dynamics of large turbulent structures in a steady breaker
J Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C Marugán-Cruz, A Aliseda, JC Lasheras
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 35 (2), 301-310, 2011
Thermal stresses analysis of a circular tube in a central receiver
O Flores, C Marugán-Cruz, D Santana, M García-Villalba
Energy Procedia 49, 354-362, 2014
District cooling network connected to a solar power tower
C Marugán-Cruz, S Sánchez-Delgado, MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 79, 174-183, 2015
Flow patterns of external solar receivers
MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, A Sánchez-González, C Marugan-Cruz, ...
Solar Energy 122, 940-953, 2015
Improving the efficiency of gas turbine systems with volumetric solar receivers
F Petrakopoulou, S Sánchez-Delgado, C Marugán-Cruz, D Santana
Energy Conversion and Management 149, 579-592, 2017
Saving assessment using the PERS in solar power towers
MR Rodriguez-Sanchez, A Sanchez-Gonzalez, C Marugan-Cruz, ...
Energy conversion and Management 87, 810-819, 2014
Simulation and experimental study on the motion of non-reacting objects in the freeboard of a fluidized bed
LM Garcia-Gutierrez, A Soria-Verdugo, C Marugán-Cruz, U Ruiz-Rivas
Powder technology 263, 112-120, 2014
Thermo-mechanical modelling of solar central receivers: Effect of incident solar flux resolution
MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, C Marugán-Cruz, A Acosta-Iborra, D Santana
Solar Energy 165, 43-54, 2018
District cooling using central tower power plant
C Marugán-Cruz, S Sánchez-Delgado, MR Rodríguez-Sánchez, ...
Energy Procedia 49, 1800-1809, 2014
Formation regimes of vortex rings in negatively buoyant starting jets
C Marugan-Cruz, J Rodriguez-Rodriguez, C Martinez-Bazan
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 716, 470-486, 2013
Solar multiple optimization of a DSG linear Fresnel power plant
C Marugán-Cruz, D Serrano, J Gómez-Hernández, S Sánchez-Delgado
Energy conversion and management 184, 571-580, 2019
Plunging to spilling transition in corner surface waves in the wake of a partially submerged vertical plate
P Martínez-Legazpi, J Rodríguez-Rodríguez, C Marugán-Cruz, ...
Experiments in fluids 54 (1), 1437, 2013
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