Anwar Hushur
Anwar Hushur
University of Tsukuba, University of Hawaii, Xinjiang University
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Equivalence of the boson peak in glasses to the transverse acoustic van hove singularity in crystals
AI Chumakov, G Monaco, A Monaco, WA Crichton, A Bosak, R Rffer, ...
Physical review letters 106 (22), 225501, 2011
Raman studies of GaN/sapphire thin film heterostructures
A Hushur, MH Manghnani, J Narayan
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Crystallization of amorphous bismuth titanate
S Kojima, A Hushur, F Jiang, S Hamazaki, M Takashige, MS Jang, ...
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Raman scattering study of A-and B-site substitutions in ferroelectric Bi4Ti3O12
A Hushur, JH Ko, S Kojima, SS LEE, MS JANG
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Crystal chemistry of hydrous forsterite and its vibrational properties up to 41 GPa
A Hushur, MH Manghnani, JR Smyth, F Nestola, DJ Frost
American Mineralogist 94 (5-6), 751-760, 2009
New insights into the enigma of boron carbide inverse molecular behavior
P Dera, MH Manghnani, A Hushur, Y Hu, S Tkachev
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High-pressure phase transition makes B4. 3C boron carbide a wide-gap semiconductor
A Hushur, MH Manghnani, H Werheit, P Dera, Q Williams
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (4), 045403, 2016
Crystal structure of hydrous wadsleyite with 2.8% H2O and compressibility to 60 GPa
Y Ye, JR Smyth, A Hushur, MH Manghnani, D Lonappan, P Dera, DJ Frost
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Order-disorder nature of ferroelectric
A Hushur, H Shigematsu, Y Akishige, S Kojima
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Raman, Brillouin, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies on shocked borosilicate glass
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Critical slowing down of relaxation dynamics near the Curie temperature in the relaxor
M Ahart, A Hushur, Y Bing, ZG Ye, RJ Hemley, S Kojima
Applied physics letters 94 (14), 142906, 2009
Hydrogen bond symmetrization and equation of state of phase D
A Hushur, MH Manghnani, JR Smyth, Q Williams, E Hellebrand, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 116 (B6), 2011
Ferroelectric phase transition of stoichiometric lithium tantalate studied by Raman, Brillouin, and neutron scattering
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Acoustic anomalies and central peak in single crystals studied by micro-Brillouin scattering
JH Ko, A Hushur, S Kojima, BC Sih, ZG Ye
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An atomic force microscopy study of diamond dissolution features: The effect of H2O and CO2 in the fluid on diamond morphology
Y Fedortchouk, MH Manghnani, A Hushur, A Shiryaev, F Nestola
American Mineralogist 96 (11-12), 1768-1775, 2011
Effect of Compressive Strain on the Raman Modes of the Dry and Hydrated BaCe0.8Y0.2O3 Proton Conductor
Q Chen, TW Huang, M Baldini, A Hushur, V Pomjakushin, S Clark, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (48), 24021-24027, 2011
The phase transitions of ferroelectric Sr2Ta2O7 crystals by MDSC, Brillouin and dielectric spectroscopy
A Hushur, G Shabbir, JH Ko, S Kojima
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Soft optical phonon in Ba-doped Sr2Nb2O7 ceramics
A Hushur, Y Akishige, S Kojima
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Elastic anomaly of glass transitions in lithium silicate
A Hushur, S Kojima, M Kodama, B Whittington, M Olesiak, M Affatigato, ...
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Raman scattering study on new ferroelectric BaTi2O5 single crystals
A Hushur, S Kojima, H Shigematsu, Y Akishige
J. Korean Phys. Soc 46, 86-89, 2005
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