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Cellular uptake of functionalized carbon nanotubes is independent of functional group and cell type
K Kostarelos, L Lacerda, G Pastorin, W Wu, S Wieckowski, J Luangsivilay, ...
Nature nanotechnology 2 (2), 108-113, 2007
Exhaustion of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells in metastases from melanoma patients
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Targeted delivery of amphotericin B to cells by using functionalized carbon nanotubes
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Double functionalisation of carbon nanotubes for multimodal drug delivery
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Conservation of IGF2-H19 and IGF2R imprinting in sheep: effects of somatic cell nuclear transfer
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A global benchmark study using affinity-based biosensors
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C3-symmetric peptide scaffolds are functional mimetics of trimeric CD40L
S Fournel, S Wieckowski, W Sun, N Trouche, H Dumortier, A Bianco, ...
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Fine structural variations of αβTCRs selected by vaccination with natural versus altered self-antigen in melanoma patients
S Wieckowski, P Baumgaertner, P Corthesy, V Voelter, P Romero, ...
The Journal of Immunology 183 (8), 5397-5406, 2009
Small multivalent architectures mimicking homotrimers of the TNF superfamily member CD40L: delineating the relationship between structure and effector function
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Tumor Antigen–Specific FOXP3+ CD4 T Cells Identified in Human Metastatic Melanoma: Peptide Vaccination Results in Selective Expansion of Th1-like Counterparts
C Jandus, G Bioley, D Dojcinovic, L Derre, L Baitsch, S Wieckowski, ...
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A phase 1 trial extension to assess immunologic efficacy and safety of prime-boost vaccination with VXM01, an oral T cell vaccine against VEGFR2, in patients with advanced …
FH Schmitz-Winnenthal, N Hohmann, T Schmidt, L Podola, T Friedrich, ...
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GEF-H1 signaling upon microtubule destabilization is required for dendritic cell activation and specific anti-tumor responses
AS Kashyap, L Fernandez-Rodriguez, Y Zhao, G Monaco, MP Trefny, ...
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Cutting edge: small molecule CD40 ligand mimetics promote control of parasitemia and enhance T cells producing IFN-γ during experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection
M Habib, MN Rivas, M Chamekh, S Wieckowski, W Sun, A Bianco, ...
The Journal of immunology 178 (11), 6700-6704, 2007
Enhanced cytotoxicity and decreased CD8 dependence of human cancer-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes after vaccination with low peptide dose
T Lövgren, P Baumgaertner, S Wieckowski, E Devêvre, P Guillaume, ...
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 61, 817-826, 2012
Quantitative TCR: pMHC dissociation rate assessment by NTAmers reveals antimelanoma T cell repertoires enriched for high functional competence
PO Gannon, S Wieckowski, P Baumgaertner, M Hebeisen, M Allard, ...
The Journal of Immunology 195 (1), 356-366, 2015
Simultaneous coexpression of memory-related and effector-related genes by individual human CD8 T cells depends on antigen specificity and differentiation
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Single cell analysis reveals similar functional competence of dominant and nondominant CD8 T-cell clonotypes
DE Speiser, S Wieckowski, B Gupta, EM Iancu, P Baumgaertner, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (37), 15318-15323, 2011
Therapeutic efficacy of the F8-IL2 immunocytokine in a metastatic mouse model of lung adenocarcinoma
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Lung Cancer 88 (1), 9-15, 2015
TCRep 3D: an automated in silico approach to study the structural properties of TCR repertoires
A Leimgruber, M Ferber, M Irving, H Hussain-Kahn, S Wieckowski, ...
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Solid-phase synthesis of CD40L mimetics
A Bianco, S Fournel, S Wieckowski, J Hoebeke, G Guichard
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 4 (8), 1461-1463, 2006
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