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Generation and detection of large and robust entanglement between two different mechanical resonators in cavity optomechanics
J Li, IM Haghighi, N Malossi, S Zippilli, D Vitali
New Journal of Physics 17 (10), 103037, 2015
Cooling carbon nanotubes to the phononic ground state with a constant electron current
S Zippilli, G Morigi, A Bachtold
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Enhanced entanglement of two different mechanical resonators via coherent feedback
J Li, G Li, S Zippilli, D Vitali, T Zhang
Physical Review A 95 (4), 043819, 2017
Two-photon lasing by a single quantum dot in a high- microcavity
E Del Valle, S Zippilli, FP Laussy, A Gonzalez-Tudela, G Morigi, C Tejedor
Physical Review B 81 (3), 035302, 2010
Cooling trapped atoms in optical resonators
S Zippilli, G Morigi
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Two-membrane cavity optomechanics
P Piergentili, L Catalini, M Bawaj, S Zippilli, N Malossi, R Natali, D Vitali, ...
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Enhancing sideband cooling by feedback-controlled light
M Rossi, N Kralj, S Zippilli, R Natali, A Borrielli, G Pandraud, E Serra, ...
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Mechanical effects of optical resonators on driven trapped atoms: Ground-state cooling in a high-finesse cavity
S Zippilli, G Morigi
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Normal-mode splitting in a weakly coupled optomechanical system
M Rossi, N Kralj, S Zippilli, R Natali, A Borrielli, G Pandraud, E Serra, ...
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Optomechanical cooling with intracavity squeezed light
M Asjad, NE Abari, S Zippilli, D Vitali
Optics Express 27 (22), 32427-32444, 2019
Entanglement replication in driven dissipative many-body systems
S Zippilli, M Paternostro, G Adesso, F Illuminati
Physical Review Letters 110 (4), 040503, 2013
Suppression of Stokes scattering and improved optomechanical cooling with squeezed light
M Asjad, S Zippilli, D Vitali
Physical Review A 94 (5), 051801, 2016
Mechanical Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement with a finite-bandwidth squeezed reservoir
M Asjad, S Zippilli, D Vitali
Physical Review A 93 (6), 062307, 2016
Suppression of Bragg scattering by collective interference of spatially ordered atoms with a high-Q cavity mode
S Zippilli, G Morigi, H Ritsch
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Steady-state nested entanglement structures in harmonic chains with single-site squeezing manipulation
S Zippilli, J Li, D Vitali
Physical Review A 92 (3), 032319, 2015
Entanglement and squeezing of continuous-wave stationary light
S Zippilli, G Di Giuseppe, D Vitali
New Journal of Physics 17 (4), 043025, 2015
Scheme for decoherence control in microwave cavities
S Zippilli, D Vitali, P Tombesi, JM Raimond
Physical Review A 67 (5), 052101, 2003
Discriminating the effects of collapse models from environmental diffusion with levitated nanospheres
J Li, S Zippilli, J Zhang, D Vitali
Physical Review A 93 (5), 050102, 2016
Nonlinear optics with two trapped atoms
S Fernández-Vidal, S Zippilli, G Morigi
Physical Review A 76 (5), 053829, 2007
Noise robustness of synchronization of two nanomechanical resonators coupled to the same cavity field
W Li, P Piergentili, J Li, S Zippilli, R Natali, N Malossi, G Di Giuseppe, ...
Physical Review A 101 (1), 013802, 2020
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