Jean-Marie Génin
Jean-Marie Génin
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Thermodynamic equilibria in aqueous suspensions of synthetic and natural Fe (II)− Fe (III) green rusts: Occurrences of the mineral in hydromorphic soils
JMR Génin, G Bourrié, F Trolard, M Abdelmoula, A Jaffrezic, P Refait, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 32 (8), 1058-1068, 1998
Mechanisms of formation and structure of green rust one in aqueous corrosion of iron in the presence of chloride ions
P Refait, M Abdelmoula, JMR Génin
Corrosion Science 40 (9), 1547-1560, 1998
Nomenclature of the hydrotalcite supergroup: natural layered double hydroxides
SJ Mills, AG Christy, JMR Génin, T Kameda, F Colombo
Mineralogical Magazine 76 (5), 1289-1336, 2012
The preparation and thermodynamic properties of Fe (II) Fe (III) hydroxide-carbonate (green rust 1); Pourbaix diagram of iron in carbonate-containing aqueous media
SH Drissi, P Refait, M Abdelmoula, JMR Génin
Corrosion science 37 (12), 2025-2041, 1995
The oxidation of ferrous hydroxide in chloride-containing aqueous media and Pourbaix diagrams of green rust one
P Refait, JMR Génin
Corrosion science 34 (5), 797-819, 1993
Identification of a green rust mineral in a reductomorphic soil by Mossbauer and Raman spectroscopies
F Trolard, JMR Génin, M Abdelmoula, G Bourrié, B Humbert, A Herbillon
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 61 (5), 1107-1111, 1997
Surface chemistry and structural properties of mackinawite prepared by reaction of sulfide ions with metallic iron
M Mullet, S Boursiquot, M Abdelmoula, JM Génin, JJ Ehrhardt
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 66 (5), 829-836, 2002
Trapping of Cr by formation of ferrihydrite during the reduction of chromate ions by Fe (II)− Fe (III) hydroxysalt green rusts
S Loyaux-Lawniczak, P Refait, JJ Ehrhardt, P Lecomte, JMR Génin
Environmental Science & Technology 34 (3), 438-443, 2000
Iron (II, III) hydroxycarbonate green rust formation and stabilization from lepidocrocite bioreduction
G Ona-Nguema, M Abdelmoula, F Jorand, O Benali, A Géhin, JC Block, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 36 (1), 16-20, 2002
Structure of the Fe (II-III) layered double hydroxysulphate green rust two from Rietveld analysis
L Simon, M François, P Refait, G Renaudin, M Lelaurain, JMR Génin
Solid State Sciences 5 (2), 327-334, 2003
The mechanism of oxidation of ferrous hydroxide in sulphated aqueous media: Importance of the initial ratio of the reactants
AA Olowe, JMR Genin
Corrosion Science 32 (9), 965-984, 1991
The mechanisms of oxidation of ferrous hydroxychloride β-Fe2 (OH) 3Cl in aqueous solution: the formation of akaganeite vs goethite
P Refait, JMR Génin
Corrosion Science 39 (3), 539-553, 1997
On the stoichiometry and Pourbaix diagram of Fe (II)-Fe (III) hydroxy-sulphate or sulphate-containing green rust 2: an electrochemical and Mössbauer spectroscopy study
JMR Génin, AA Olowe, P Refait, L Simon
Corrosion Science 38 (10), 1751-1762, 1996
Reduction of SeO42- Anions and Anoxic Formation of Iron(II)−Iron(III) Hydroxy-Selenate Green Rust
P Refait, L Simon, JMR Génin
Environmental science & technology 34 (5), 819-825, 2000
Effect of orthophosphate on the oxidation products of Fe (II)-Fe (III) hydroxycarbonate: the transformation of green rust to ferrihydrite
O Benali, M Abdelmoula, P Refait, JMR Génin
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 65 (11), 1715-1726, 2001
Structure and stability of the Fe (II)–Fe (III) green rust “fougerite” mineral and its potential for reducing pollutants in soil solutions
JMR Génin, P Refait, G Bourrié, M Abdelmoula, F Trolard
Applied geochemistry 16 (5), 559-570, 2001
Formation of the Fe (II)–Fe (III) hydroxysulphate green rust during marine corrosion of steel
P Refait, JB Memet, C Bon, R Sabot, JMR Génin
Corrosion Science 45 (4), 833-845, 2003
Iron reduction and changes in cation exchange capacity in intermittently waterlogged soil
F Favre, D Tessier, M Abdelmoula, JM Génin, WP Gates, P Boivin
European Journal of Soil Science 53 (2), 175-183, 2002
The anionic species competition in iron aqueous corrosion: role of various green rust compounds
P Refait, SH Drissi, J Pytkiewicz, JMR Génin
Corrosion science 39 (9), 1699-1710, 1997
Synthesis of Fe (II-III) hydroxysulphate green rust by coprecipitation
A Géhin, C Ruby, M Abdelmoula, O Benali, J Ghanbaja, P Refait, ...
Solid State Sciences 4 (1), 61-66, 2002
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