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Scale-invariance of galaxy clustering
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Facts and ideas in modern cosmology
YV Baryshev, FS Labini, M Montuori, L Pietronero
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Finite size effects on the galaxy number counts: Evidence for fractal behavior up to the deepest scale
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Critical Dialogues in Cosmology: Princeton, New Jersey, USA, 24-27 June 1996, in Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of Princeton University
N Turok
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Percolation in real wildfires
G Caldarelli, R Frondoni, A Gabrielli, M Montuori, R Retzlaff, C Ricotta
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Basic properties of galaxy clustering in the light of recent results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
M Joyce, FS Labini, A Gabrielli, M Montuori, L Pietronero
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Tidal tails around globular clusters: Are they a good tracer of cluster orbits?
M Montuori, R Capuzzo-Dolcetta, P Di Matteo, A Lepinette, P Miocchi
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Fractal cosmology in an open universe
M Joyce, PW Anderson, M Montuori, L Pietronero, FS Labini
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On the fractal structure of the visible universe
L Pietronero, M Montuori, F Sylos Labini
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Compositional and spectroscopic study of the growth of diamond films from several gaseous mixtures
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On the fractal structure of galaxy distribution and its implications for cosmology
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Effect of gas composition on texture of diamond films
M Marinelli, E Milani, M Montuori, A Paoletti, P Paroli, J Thomas
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Two-dimensional vortex and phase fluctuations from current-voltage characteristics of Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+ x films with various oxygen contents
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GRB 050904 at redshift 6.3: observations of the oldest cosmic explosion after the Big Bang
G Tagliaferri, LA Antonelli, G Chincarini, A Fernández-Soto, D Malesani, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 443 (1), L1-L5, 2005
Long-range (fractal) correlations in the LEDA database
H Di Nella, M Montuori, G Paturel, L Pietronero, FS Labini
arXiv preprint astro-ph/9603015, 1996
Comment on the paper``The ESO Slice Project galaxy redshift survey: V. Evidence for a D= 3 sample dimensionality''
M Joyce, M Montuori, FS Labini, L Pietronero
Arxiv preprint astro-ph/9805126, 1998
Angular projections of fractal sets
R Durrer, JP Eckmann, FS Labini, M Montuori, L Pietronero
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Topological approach to neural complexity
M De Lucia, M Bottaccio, M Montuori, L Pietronero
Physical Review E 71 (1), 016114, 2005
Effects of reducing and oxidizing thermal treatments on epitaxial Bi2.1−xPbxSr2.9−yCayCu2O8+z films
G Balestrino, M Marinelli, E Milani, M Montuori, A Paoletti, P Paroli
Journal of applied physics 72 (1), 191-195, 1992
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