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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy
DJ Klionsky, FC Abdalla, H Abeliovich, RT Abraham, A Acevedo-Arozena, ...
Autophagy 8 (4), 445-544, 2012
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy in higher eukaryotes
DJ Klionsky, H Abeliovich, P Agostinis, DK Agrawal, G Aliev, DS Askew, ...
Autophagy 4 (2), 151-175, 2008
Tamsulosin treatment increases clinical success rate of single extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of renal stones
GL Gravina, AM Costa, P Ronchi, GP Galatioto, A Angelucci, D Castellani, ...
Urology 66 (1), 24-28, 2005
Measurement of the thickness of the urethrovaginal space in women with or without vaginal orgasm
GL Gravina, F Brandetti, P Martini, E Carosa, SM Di Stasi, S Morano, ...
The journal of sexual medicine 5 (3), 610-618, 2008
Biological rationale for the use of DNA methyltransferase inhibitors as new strategy for modulation of tumor response to chemotherapy and radiation
GL Gravina, C Festuccia, F Marampon, VM Popov, RG Pestell, BM Zani, ...
Molecular cancer 9 (1), 305, 2010
Nucleo-cytoplasmic transport as a therapeutic target of cancer
GL Gravina, W Senapedis, D McCauley, E Baloglu, S Shacham, ...
Journal of hematology & oncology 7 (1), 85, 2014
Suppression of EGF-R signaling reduces the incidence of prostate cancer metastasis in nude mice
A Angelucci, GL Gravina, N Rucci, D Millimaggi, C Festuccia, P Muzi, ...
Endocrine-related cancer 13 (1), 197-210, 2006
Osteoblast conditioned media contain TGF‐β1 and modulate the migration of prostate tumor cells and their interactions with extracellular matrix components
C Festuccia, M Bologna, GL Gravina, F Guerra, A Angelucci, I Villanova, ...
International journal of cancer 81 (3), 395-403, 1999
Vitamin D Protects Human Endothelial Cells from H2O2 Oxidant Injury Through the Mek/Erk-Sirt1 Axis Activation
L Polidoro, G Properzi, F Marampon, GL Gravina, C Festuccia, ...
Journal of cardiovascular translational research 6 (2), 221-231, 2013
Foreign bodies aspirated in children: role of bronchoscopy
D Divisi, S Di Tommaso, M Garramone, W Di Francescantonio, RM Crisci, ...
The Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon 55 (04), 249-252, 2007
Prostate cancer cell proliferation is strongly reduced by the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor ZD1839 in vitro on human cell lines and primary cultures
C Vicentini, C Festuccia, GL Gravina, A Angelucci, A Marronaro, ...
Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology 129 (3), 165-174, 2003
Vesicle-associated urokinase plasminogen activator promotes invasion in prostate cancer cell lines
A Angelucci, S D'ascenzo, C Festuccia, GL Gravina, M Bologna, V Dolo, ...
Clinical & experimental metastasis 18 (2), 163, 2000
Osteoblast‐derived TGF‐β1 modulates matrix degrading protease expression and activity in prostate cancer cells
C Festuccia, A Angelucci, GL Gravina, I Villanova, A Teti, A Abini, ...
International journal of cancer 85 (3), 407-415, 2000
Epidermal growth factor modulates prostate cancer cell invasiveness regulating urokinase-type plasminogen activator activity
C Festuccia, A Angelucci, GL Gravina, L Biordi, D Millimaggi, P Muzi, ...
Thrombosis and haemostasis 93 (05), 964-975, 2005
Effects of blocking urokinase receptor signaling by antisense oligonucleotides in a mouse model of experimental prostate cancer bone metastases
F Margheri, S D'alessio, S Serrati, M Pucci, F Annunziato, L Cosmi, ...
Gene therapy 12 (8), 702, 2005
Osteopontin enhances the cell proliferation induced by the epidermal growth factor in human prostate cancer cells
A Angelucci, C Festuccia, GL Gravina, P Muzi, L Bonghi, C Vicentini, ...
The Prostate 59 (2), 157-166, 2004
May antioxidant therapy improve sperm parameters of men with persistent oligospermia after retrograde embolization for varicocele?
GP Galatioto, GL Gravina, G Angelozzi, A Sacchetti, PF Innominato, ...
World journal of urology 26 (1), 97-102, 2008
Pyrazolo [3, 4-d] pyrimidines c-Src inhibitors reduce epidermal growth factor-induced migration in prostate cancer cells
A Angelucci, S Schenone, GL Gravina, P Muzi, C Festuccia, C Vicentini, ...
European Journal of Cancer 42 (16), 2838-2845, 2006
MEK/ERK inhibitor U0126 increases the radiosensitivity of rhabdomyosarcoma cells in vitro and in vivo by downregulating growth and DNA repair signals
F Marampon, GL Gravina, A Di Rocco, P Bonfili, M Di Staso, C Fardella, ...
Molecular cancer therapeutics 10 (1), 159-168, 2011
Tyrosine kinase inhibitor CEP-701 blocks the NTRK1/NGF receptor and limits the invasive capability of prostate cancer cells in vitro
C Festuccia, P Muzi, GL Gravina, D Millimaggi, S Speca, V Dolo, ...
International journal of oncology 30 (1), 193-200, 2007
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