Marco Tamietto
Marco Tamietto
Dipartimento di Psicologia, University of Torino; Tilburg University
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Neural bases of the non-conscious perception of emotional signals
M Tamietto, B De Gelder
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11 (10), 697, 2010
Unseen facial and bodily expressions trigger fast emotional reactions
M Tamietto, L Castelli, S Vighetti, P Perozzo, G Geminiani, L Weiskrantz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (42), 17661-17666, 2009
Standing up for the body. Recent progress in uncovering the networks involved in the perception of bodies and bodily expressions
B de Gelder, J Van den Stock, HKM Meeren, CBA Sinke, ME Kret, ...
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 34 (4), 513-527, 2010
Subcortical connections to human amygdala and changes following destruction of the visual cortex
M Tamietto, P Pullens, B de Gelder, L Weiskrantz, R Goebel
Current Biology 22 (15), 1449-1455, 2012
Beyond the face: exploring rapid influences of context on face processing
B de Gelder, HKM Meeren, R Righart, J Van den Stock, WAC Van de Riet, ...
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Intact navigation skills after bilateral loss of striate cortex
B De Gelder, M Tamietto, G Van Boxtel, R Goebel, A Sahraie, ...
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Collicular vision guides nonconscious behavior
M Tamietto, F Cauda, LL Corazzini, S Savazzi, CA Marzi, R Goebel, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 22 (5), 888-902, 2010
Visual experience is not necessary for efficient survey spatial cognition: evidence from blindness
C Tinti, M Adenzato, M Tamietto, C Cornoldi
The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 59 (7), 1306-1328, 2006
Cortico-subcortical visual, somatosensory, and motor activations for perceiving dynamic whole-body emotional expressions with and without striate cortex (V1)
J Van den Stock, M Tamietto, B Sorger, S Pichon, J Grzes, B de Gelder
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (39), 16188-16193, 2011
Amygdala activation for eye contact despite complete cortical blindness
N Burra, A Hervais-Adelman, D Kerzel, M Tamietto, B De Gelder, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (25), 10483-10489, 2013
Emotion in the brain: of low roads, high roads and roads less travelled
B de Gelder, J van Honk, M Tamietto
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 12 (7), 425, 2011
Seeing fearful body language overcomes attentional deficits in patients with neglect
M Tamietto, G Geminiani, R Genero, B de Gelder
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 19 (3), 445-454, 2007
Role of premorbid factors in predicting safe return to driving after severe TBI
P Pietrapiana, M Tamietto, G Torrini, T Mezzanato, R Rago, C Perino
Brain Injury 19 (3), 197-211, 2005
Fast recognition of social emotions takes the whole brain: interhemispheric cooperation in the absence of cerebral asymmetry
M Tamietto, M Adenzato, G Geminiani, B de Gelder
Neuropsychologia 45 (4), 836-843, 2007
Affective blindsight in the intact brain: Neural interhemispheric summation for unseen fearful expressions
M Tamietto, B de Gelder
Neuropsychologia 46 (3), 820-828, 2008
Amygdala response to emotional stimuli without awareness: facts and interpretations
M Diano, A Celeghin, A Bagnis, M Tamietto
Frontiers in psychology 7, 2029, 2017
Unawareness in schizophrenia: neuropsychological and neuroanatomical findings
L Pia, M Tamietto
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 60 (5), 531-537, 2006
Functional asymmetry and interhemispheric cooperation in the perception of emotions from facial expressions
M Tamietto, LL Corazzini, B de Gelder, G Geminiani
Experimental brain research 171 (3), 389-404, 2006
Attention and awareness each influence amygdala activity for dynamic bodily expressions—a short review
B De Gelder, R Hortensius, M Tamietto
Frontiers in integrative neuroscience 6, 54, 2012
The recognition of facial emotions in spinocerebellar ataxia patients
F D’Agata, P Caroppo, B Baudino, M Caglio, M Croce, M Bergui, ...
The Cerebellum 10 (3), 600, 2011
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