Mauro Stener
Mauro Stener
Professore di chimica fisica, Università di Trieste
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From clusters to bulk: A relativistic density functional investigation on a series of gold clusters
OD Häberlen, SC Chung, M Stener, N Rösch
The Journal of chemical physics 106 (12), 5189-5201, 1997
Time dependent density functional theory of core electrons excitations
M Stener, G Fronzoni, M de Simone
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Convergence of the multicenter B-spline DFT approach for the continuum
D Toffoli, M Stener, G Fronzoni, P Decleva
Chemical physics 276 (1), 25-43, 2002
Au24 (SAdm) 16 nanomolecules: X-ray crystal structure, theoretical analysis, adaptability of adamantane ligands to form Au23 (SAdm) 16 and Au25 (SAdm) 16, and its relation to …
D Crasto, G Barcaro, M Stener, L Sementa, A Fortunelli, A Dass
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (42), 14933-14940, 2014
Density functional study on the morphology and photoabsorption of CdSe nanoclusters
M Del Ben, RWA Havenith, R Broer, M Stener
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Optical properties of Au nanoclusters from TD-DFT calculations
N Durante, A Fortunelli, M Broyer, M Stener
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Valence photoionization dynamics in circular dichroism of chiral free molecules: The methyl-oxirane
S Stranges, S Turchini, M Alagia, G Alberti, G Contini, P Decleva, ...
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Density functional-time-dependent local density approximation calculations of autoionization resonances in noble gases
M Stener, P Decleva, A Lisini
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Time-dependent density functional calculations of molecular photoionization cross sections: and
M Stener, P Decleva
The Journal of Chemical Physics 112 (24), 10871-10879, 2000
Theoretical study of resonances in the metal core photoionization of M@ C60 (M= Li, Na, K)
P Decleva, G De Alti, G Fronzoni, M Stener
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NaxAu and CsxAu bimetal clusters: Finite size analogs of sodium–gold and cesium–gold compounds
U Heiz, A Vayloyan, E Schumacher, C Yeretzian, M Stener, P Gisdakis, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 105 (13), 5574-5585, 1996
Density functional study on the circular dichroism of photoelectron angular distribution from chiral derivatives of oxirane
M Stener, G Fronzoni, DD Tommaso, P Decleva
The Journal of chemical physics 120 (7), 3284-3296, 2004
Femtosecond photoelectron diffraction on laser-aligned molecules: Towards time-resolved imaging of molecular structure
R Boll, D Anielski, C Bostedt, JD Bozek, L Christensen, R Coffee, S De, ...
Physical Review A 88 (6), 061402, 2013
Alloying effects on the optical properties of Ag–Au nanoclusters from TDDFT calculations
G Barcaro, M Broyer, N Durante, A Fortunelli, M Stener
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (49), 24085-24091, 2011
Spin–orbit relativistic time dependent density functional theory calculations for the description of core electron excitations: TiCl4 case study
G Fronzoni, M Stener, P Decleva, F Wang, T Ziegler, E Van Lenthe, ...
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Valence photoionization of C6H6 by the B-spline one-centre expansion density functional method
M Venuti, M Stener, P Decleva
Chemical physics 234 (1-3), 95-109, 1998
Self-assembled metallacycles with pyrazine edges: a new example in which the unexpected molecular triangle prevails over the expected molecular square
S Derossi, M Casanova, E Iengo, E Zangrando, M Stener, E Alessio
Inorganic chemistry 46 (26), 11243-11253, 2007
Density functional calculations of excitation energies and oscillator strengths for C1s→ π∗ and O1s→ π∗ excitations and ionization potentials in carbonyl containing molecules
M Stener, A Lisini, P Decleva
Chemical physics 191 (1-3), 141-154, 1995
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