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Zn vacancy induced green luminescence on non-polar surfaces in ZnO nanostructures
F Fabbri, M Villani, A Catellani, A Calzolari, G Cicero, D Calestani, ...
Scientific reports 4, 5158, 2014
Aldehyde detection by ZnO tetrapod-based gas sensors
D Calestani, R Mosca, M Zanichelli, M Villani, A Zappettini
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (39), 15532-15536, 2011
Organic electrochemical transistors monitoring micelle formation
G Tarabella, G Nanda, M Villani, N Coppedč, R Mosca, GG Malliaras, ...
Chemical Science 3 (12), 3432-3435, 2012
A single cotton fiber organic electrochemical transistor for liquid electrolyte saline sensing
G Tarabella, M Villani, D Calestani, R Mosca, S Iannotta, A Zappettini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (45), 23830-23834, 2012
Low temperature thermal evaporation growth of aligned ZnO nanorods on ZnO film: a growth mechanism promoted by Zn nanoclusters on polar surfaces
D Calestani, MZ Zha, L Zanotti, M Villani, A Zappettini
CrystEngComm 13 (5), 1707-1712, 2011
Human stress monitoring through an organic cotton-fiber biosensor
N Coppedč, G Tarabella, M Villani, D Calestani, S Iannotta, A Zappettini
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (34), 5620-5626, 2014
Genome-Wide Approach in Arabidopsis thaliana to Assess the Toxicity of Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots
M Marmiroli, L Pagano, ML Savo Sardaro, M Villani, N Marmiroli
Environmental science & technology 48 (10), 5902-5909, 2014
Extended functionality of ZnO nanotetrapods by solution-based coupling with CdS nanoparticles
M Villani, D Calestani, L Lazzarini, L Zanotti, R Mosca, A Zappettini
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (12), 5694-5699, 2012
The proteomic response of Arabidopsis thaliana to cadmium sulfide quantum dots, and its correlation with the transcriptomic response
M Marmiroli, D Imperiale, L Pagano, M Villani, A Zappettini, N Marmiroli
Frontiers in plant science 6, 1104, 2015
Enzymatic sensing with laccase-functionalized textile organic biosensors
E Battista, V Lettera, M Villani, D Calestani, F Gentile, PA Netti, S Iannotta, ...
Organic Electronics 40, 51-57, 2017
Branched gold nanoparticles on ZnO 3D architecture as biomedical SERS sensors
S Picciolini, N Castagnetti, R Vanna, D Mehn, M Bedoni, F Gramatica, ...
RSC Advances 5 (113), 93644-93651, 2015
Nanoscale mapping of plasmon and exciton in ZnO tetrapods coupled with Au nanoparticles
G Bertoni, F Fabbri, M Villani, L Lazzarini, S Turner, G Van Tendeloo, ...
Scientific reports 6, 19168, 2016
Diffusion driven selectivity in organic electrochemical transistors
N Coppede, M Villani, F Gentile
Scientific reports 4, 4297, 2014
Solution-free and catalyst-free synthesis of ZnO-based nanostructured TCOs by PED and vapor phase growth techniques
D Calestani, F Pattini, F Bissoli, E Gilioli, M Villani, A Zappettini
Nanotechnology 23 (19), 194008, 2012
Exposure of Cucurbita pepo to binary combinations of engineered nanomaterials: physiological and molecular response
L Pagano, F Pasquali, S Majumdar, R De la Torre-Roche, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 4 (7), 1579-1590, 2017
Composite multifunctional nanostructures based on ZnO tetrapods and superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles
M Villani, T Rimoldi, D Calestani, L Lazzarini, V Chiesi, F Casoli, ...
Nanotechnology 24 (13), 135601, 2013
Low temperature sensing properties of a nano hybrid material based on ZnO nanotetrapods and titanyl phthalocyanine
N Coppedč, M Villani, R Mosca, S Iannotta, A Zappettini, D Calestani
Sensors 13 (3), 3445-3453, 2013
A new method to integrate ZnO nano-tetrapods on MEMS micro-hotplates for large scale gas sensor production
SL Marasso, A Tommasi, D Perrone, M Cocuzza, R Mosca, M Villani, ...
Nanotechnology 27 (38), 385503, 2016
Selective response inversion to NO2 and acetic acid in ZnO and CdS nanocomposite gas sensor
D Calestani, M Villani, R Mosca, L Lazzarini, N Coppedč, SC Dhanabalan, ...
Nanotechnology 25 (36), 365502, 2014
Modeling, fabrication and testing of a customizable micromachined hotplate for sensor applications
A Tommasi, M Cocuzza, D Perrone, C Pirri, R Mosca, M Villani, ...
Sensors 17 (1), 62, 2017
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