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Adsorption of Pb (II) and Pb (II)-citric acid on sawdust activated carbon: Kinetic and equilibrium isotherm studies
KG Sreejalekshmi, KA Krishnan, TS Anirudhan
Journal of hazardous materials 161 (2-3), 1506-1513, 2009
Nickel (II) adsorption onto biomass based activated carbon obtained from sugarcane bagasse pith
K Anoop Krishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi, RS Baiju
Bioresource Technology, 2011
Biomimeticity in tissue engineering scaffolds through synthetic peptide modifications—altering chemistry for enhanced biological response
KG Sreejalekshmi, PD Nair
Journal of biomedical materials research Part A 96 (2), 477-491, 2011
Evaluation of adsorption properties of sulphurised activated carbon for the effective and economically viable removal of Zn (II) from aqueous solutions
KA Krishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi, V Vimexen, VV Dev
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 124, 418-425, 2016
Synthesis and cytotoxicity studies of thiazole analogs of the anticancer marine alkaloid dendrodoine
TF Reji, SKC Devi, KK Thomas, KG Sreejalekshmi, SL Manju, M Francis, ...
CSIR, 2008
4-Amino-5-benzoyl-2-(4-methoxyphenylamino) thiazole (DAT1): a cytotoxic agent towards cancer cells and a probe for tubulin-microtubule system
S Sengupta, SL Smitha, NE Thomas, TR Santhoshkumar, SKC Devi, ...
British journal of pharmacology 145 (8), 1076, 2005
Adsorptive retention of citric acid onto activated carbon prepared from Havea braziliansis sawdust: Kinetic and isotherm overview
KA Krishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi, S Varghese
Desalination 257 (1-3), 46-52, 2010
Adsorptive removal of 2, 4-dinitrophenol using active carbon: kinetic and equilibrium modeling at solid–liquid interface
K Anoop Krishnan, S Sini Suresh, S Arya, KG Sreejalekshmi
Desalination and Water Treatment 54 (7), 1850-1861, 2015
Removal of EDTA from Aqueous Solutions Using Activated Carbon Prepared from Rubber Wood Sawdust: Kinetic and Equilibrium Modeling
KA Krishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi, S Varghese, TS Anirudhan
CLEAN–Soil, Air, Water 38 (4), 361-369, 2010
An efficient protocol for solid phase aminothiazole synthesis
KG Sreejalekshmi, SKC Devi, KN Rajasekharan
Tetrahedron letters 47 (35), 6179-6182, 2006
Computational design, synthesis, and structure property evaluation of 1, 3-thiazole-based color-tunable multi-heterocyclic small organic fluorophores as multifunctional …
R Radhakrishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 83 (7), 3453-3466, 2018
Removal of Cu(II) from aqueous phase using tailor made sulphur impregnated activated carbon inspired by Claus Process.
HM K. A. Krishnan, K.G. Sreejalekshmi, Vinu V. Dev, Sibin Antony
Desalination and Water Treatment, 2017
Enriching biologically relevant chemical space around 2-aminothiazole template for anticancer drug development
S Titus, KG Sreejalekshmi
Medicinal Chemistry Research 27, 23-36, 2018
One-pot four-component synthesis of 4-hydrazinothiazoles: novel scaffolds for drug discovery
S Titus, KG Sreejalekshmi
Tetrahedron Letters 55 (40), 5465-5467, 2014
Plant responses to real and simulated microgravity
KGS M. Sathasivam, R. Hosamani, B. K. Swamy
Life Sciences in Space Research, 2020
Theoretical predictions on microphase separation in polyurethane: combinatorial design, synthesis and demonstration of shape memory property
S Erekkath, KG Sreejalekshmi
Materials Today Communications 16, 71-80, 2018
One-pot sequential multicomponent route to 2, 4-diaminothiazoles—a facile approach to bioactive agents for cancer therapeutics
KG Sreejalekshmi, KN Rajasekharan
Tetrahedron Letters 53 (28), 3627-3629, 2012
Design and kinematic analysis of flapping wing mechanism for common swift inspired micro aerial vehicle
M Chellapurath, S Noble, KG Sreejalekshmi
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of …, 2021
Discovery of full color emissive thiazole fluorophores in solution and solid states: The core is central and regulating torsional barrier does the trick!
R Radhakrishnan, BB Sinu, V Anilkumar, KG Sreejalekshmi
Dyes and Pigments 181, 108560, 2020
Fluorophores based on a minimal thienylthiazole core: towards multifunctional materials with solid state red emissions, solvatochromism and AIE behaviour
R Radhakrishnan, KG Sreejalekshmi
RSC advances 6 (39), 32705-32709, 2016
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