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A molecularly annotated platform of patient-derived xenografts (“xenopatients”) identifies HER2 as an effective therapeutic target in cetuximab-resistant colorectal cancer
A Bertotti, G Migliardi, F Galimi, F Sassi, D Torti, C Isella, D Corà, ...
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Stromal contribution to the colorectal cancer transcriptome
C Isella, A Terrasi, SE Bellomo, C Petti, G Galatola, A Muratore, A Mellano, ...
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The molecular landscape of colorectal cancer cell lines unveils clinically actionable kinase targets
E Medico, M Russo, G Picco, C Cancelliere, E Valtorta, G Corti, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 7002, 2015
Selective analysis of cancer-cell intrinsic transcriptional traits defines novel clinically relevant subtypes of colorectal cancer
C Isella, F Brundu, SE Bellomo, F Galimi, E Zanella, R Porporato, C Petti, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 15107, 2017
Increased lactate secretion by cancer cells sustains non-cell-autonomous adaptive resistance to MET and EGFR targeted therapies
M Apicella, E Giannoni, S Fiore, KJ Ferrari, D Fernández-Pérez, C Isella, ...
Cell metabolism 28 (6), 848-865. e6, 2018
MiR-1 Downregulation Cooperates with MACC1 in Promoting MET Overexpression in Human Colon Cancer
C Migliore, V Martin, VP Leoni, A Restivo, L Atzori, A Petrelli, C Isella, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 18 (3), 737-747, 2012
The clinical and biological significance of MIR-224 expression in colorectal cancer metastasis
H Ling, K Pickard, C Ivan, C Isella, M Ikuo, R Mitter, R Spizzo, MD Bullock, ...
Gut 65 (6), 977-989, 2016
Genetic and expression analysis of MET, MACC1, and HGF in metastatic colorectal cancer: response to met inhibition in patient xenografts and pathologic correlations
F Galimi, D Torti, F Sassi, C Isella, D Corà, S Gastaldi, D Ribero, ...
Clinical cancer research 17 (10), 3146-3156, 2011
The thioxotriazole copper (II) complex A0 induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and paraptotic death in human cancer cells
S Tardito, C Isella, E Medico, L Marchio, E Bevilacqua, M Hatzoglou, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (36), 24306-24319, 2009
Conservation of copy number profiles during engraftment and passaging of patient-derived cancer xenografts
XY Woo, J Giordano, A Srivastava, ZM Zhao, MW Lloyd, R de Bruijn, ...
Nature genetics 53 (1), 86-99, 2021
IGF2 is an actionable target that identifies a distinct subpopulation of colorectal cancer patients with marginal response to anti-EGFR therapies
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Science translational medicine 7 (272), 272ra12-272ra12, 2015
The miR-126 regulates angiopoietin-1 signaling and vessel maturation by targeting p85β
R Sessa, G Seano, L Di Blasio, PA Gagliardi, C Isella, E Medico, F Cotelli, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research 1823 (10), 1925-1935, 2012
MicroRNA–mRNA interactions underlying colorectal cancer molecular subtypes
L Cantini, C Isella, C Petti, G Picco, S Chiola, E Ficarra, M Caselle, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8878, 2015
A molecular signature for Epithelial to Mesenchymal transition in a human colon cancer cell system is revealed by large-scale microarray analysis
T Joyce, D Cantarella, C Isella, E Medico, A Pintzas
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A subset of colorectal cancers with cross-sensitivity to olaparib and oxaliplatin
S Arena, G Corti, E Durinikova, M Montone, NM Reilly, M Russo, ...
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Neuropilin-1 upregulation elicits adaptive resistance to oncogene-targeted therapies
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The Journal of clinical investigation 128 (9), 3976-3990, 2018
High USP6NL levels in breast cancer sustain chronic AKT phosphorylation and GLUT1 stability fueling aerobic glycolysis
D Avanzato, E Pupo, N Ducano, C Isella, G Bertalot, C Luise, S Pece, ...
Cancer research 78 (13), 3432-3444, 2018
Prospective patient stratification into robust cancer‐cell intrinsic subtypes from colorectal cancer biopsies
M Alderdice, SD Richman, S Gollins, JP Stewart, C Hurt, R Adams, ...
The Journal of pathology 245 (1), 19-28, 2018
MACC1 mRNA levels predict cancer recurrence after resection of colorectal cancer liver metastases
C Isella, A Mellano, F Galimi, C Petti, L Capussotti, M De Simone, ...
Annals of surgery 257 (6), 1089-1095, 2013
TNF-α promotes invasive growth through the MET signaling pathway
V Bigatto, F De Bacco, E Casanova, G Reato, L Lanzetti, C Isella, I Sarotto, ...
Molecular Oncology 9 (2), 377-388, 2015
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