Marianna Carbone
Marianna Carbone
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare
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Structure and cytotoxicity of phidianidines A and B: First finding of 1, 2, 4-oxadiazole system in a marine natural product
M Carbone, Y Li, C Irace, E Mollo, F Castelluccio, A Di Pascale, G Cimino, ...
Organic letters 13 (10), 2516-2519, 2011
Factors promoting marine invasions: a chemoecological approach
E Mollo, M Gavagnin, M Carbone, F Castelluccio, F Pozone, V Roussis, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (12), 4582-4586, 2008
A new cytotoxic tambjamine alkaloid from the Azorean nudibranch Tambja ceutae
M Carbone, C Irace, F Costagliola, F Castelluccio, G Villani, G Calado, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 20 (8), 2668-2670, 2010
Rare Casbane Diterpenoids from the Hainan Soft Coral Sinularia depressa
Y Li, M Carbone, RM Vitale, P Amodeo, F Castelluccio, G Sicilia, E Mollo, ...
Journal of natural products 73 (2), 133-138, 2010
Austrodoral and austrodoric acid: nor-sesquiterpenes with a new carbon skeleton from the Antarctic nudibranch Austrodoris kerguelenensis
M Gavagnin, M Carbone, E Mollo, G Cimino
Tetrahedron letters 44 (7), 1495-1498, 2003
Antibacterial activity of the winged oyster Pteria chinensis (Pterioida: Pteridae)
C Chellaram, K Gnanambal, JK Edward
CSIR, 2004
Coloration and Defense in the Nudibranch Gastropod Hypselodoris fontandraui
M Haber, S Cerfeda, M Carbone, G Calado, H Gaspar, R Neves, ...
The Biological Bulletin 218 (2), 181-188, 2010
First chemical study of anaspidean Syphonota geographica: structure of degraded sterols aplykurodinone-1 and-2
M Gavagnin, M Carbone, M Nappo, E Mollo, V Roussis, G Cimino
Tetrahedron 61 (3), 617-621, 2005
Minimalist hybrid ligand/receptor-based pharmacophore model for CXCR4 applied to a small-library of marine natural products led to the identification of phidianidine a as a new…
RM Vitale, M Gatti, M Carbone, F Barbieri, V Felicit, M Gavagnin, T Florio, ...
ACS Chemical Biology 8 (12), 2762-2770, 2013
Natural products from Antarctic colonial ascidians of the genera Aplidium and Synoicum: variability and defensive role
L Nez-Pons, M Carbone, J Vzquez, J Rodrguez, RM Nieto, ...
Marine drugs 10 (8), 1741-1764, 2012
Illudalane Sesquiterpenoids of the Alcyopterosin Series from the Antarctic Marine Soft Coral Alcyonium grandis
M Carbone, L Nunez-Pons, F Castelluccio, C Avila, M Gavagnin
Journal of natural products 72 (7), 1357-1360, 2009
Packaging and delivery of chemical weapons: a defensive Trojan horse stratagem in chromodorid nudibranchs
M Carbone, M Gavagnin, M Haber, YW Guo, A Fontana, E Manzo, ...
PLoS One 8 (4), e62075, 2013
Chemical defense against predators and bacterial fouling in the Mediterranean sponges Axinella polypoides and A. verrucosa
M Haber, M Carbone, E Mollo, M Gavagnin, M Ilan
Marine Ecology Progress Series 422, 113-122, 2011
Further chemical studies on the Antarctic nudibranch Austrodoris kerguelenensis: new terpenoid acylglycerols and revision of the previous stereochemistry
M Gavagnin, M Carbone, E Mollo, G Cimino
Tetrahedron 59 (29), 5579-5583, 2003
Marine Mollusk‐Derived Agents with Antiproliferative Activity as Promising Anticancer Agents to Overcome Chemotherapy Resistance
ML Ciavatta, F Lefranc, M Carbone, E Mollo, M Gavagnin, T Betancourt, ...
Medicinal Research Reviews 37 (4), 702-801, 2017
Chemical studies on Indopacific Ceratosoma nudibranchs illuminate the protective role of their dorsal horn
E Mollo, M Gavagnin, M Carbone, YW Guo, G Cimino
Chemoecology 15 (1), 31-36, 2005
Chemical defenses of tunicates of the genus Aplidium from the Weddell Sea (Antarctica)
L Nez-Pons, R Forestieri, RM Nieto, M Varela, M Nappo, J Rodriguez, ...
Polar Biology 33 (10), 1319-1329, 2010
Structure of onchidione, a bis-γ-pyrone polypropionate from a marine pulmonate mollusk
M Carbone, M Gavagnin, CA Mattia, C Lotti, F Castelluccio, B Pagano, ...
Tetrahedron 65 (22), 4404-4409, 2009
Structure and absolute stereochemistry of syphonoside, a unique macrocyclic glycoterpenoid from marine organisms
M Gavagnin, M Carbone, P Amodeo, E Mollo, RM Vitale, V Roussis, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 72 (15), 5625-5630, 2007
Extending the record of bis-γ-pyrone polypropionates from marine pulmonate mollusks
M Carbone, ML Ciavatta, JR Wang, I Cirillo, V Mathieu, R Kiss, E Mollo, ...
Journal of natural products 76 (11), 2065-2073, 2013
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