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Botulinum neurotoxins: genetic, structural and mechanistic insights
O Rossetto, M Pirazzini, C Montecucco
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M Pirazzini, O Rossetto, R Eleopra, C Montecucco
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MW Peck, TJ Smith, F Anniballi, JW Austin, L Bano, M Bradshaw, ...
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Double anchorage to the membrane and intact inter‐chain disulfide bond are required for the low pH induced entry of tetanus and botulinum neurotoxins into neurons
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The thioredoxin reductase-thioredoxin system is involved in the entry of tetanus and botulinum neurotoxins in the cytosol of nerve terminals
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Neutralisation of specific surface carboxylates speeds up translocation of botulinum neurotoxin type B enzymatic domain
M Pirazzini, T Henke, O Rossetto, S Mahrhold, N Krez, A Rummel, ...
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Hsp90 is involved in the entry of clostridial neurotoxins into the cytosol of nerve terminals
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The thioredoxin reductase–Thioredoxin redox system cleaves the interchain disulphide bond of botulinum neurotoxins on the cytosolic surface of synaptic vesicles
M Pirazzini, G Zanetti, F Lista, T Binz, CC Shone, O Rossetto, ...
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Time course and temperature dependence of the membrane translocation of tetanus and botulinum neurotoxins C and D in neurons
M Pirazzini, O Rossetto, C Bertasio, F Bordin, CC Shone, T Binz, ...
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Novel botulinum neurotoxins: Exploring underneath the iceberg tip
M Pirazzini
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Challenges in searching for therapeutics against botulinum neurotoxins
M Pirazzini, O Rossetto
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A novel inhibitor prevents the peripheral neuroparalysis of botulinum neurotoxins
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Postnatal development and distribution of sympathetic innervation in mouse skeletal muscle
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International journal of molecular sciences 19 (7), 1935, 2018
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