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Rice OsHKT2; 1 transporter mediates large Na+ influx component into K+‐starved roots for growth
T Horie, A Costa, TH Kim, MJ Han, R Horie, HY Leung, A Miyao, ...
The EMBO journal 26 (12), 3003-3014, 2007
Isolation of a strong Arabidopsis guard cell promoter and its potential as a research tool
Y Yang, A Costa, N Leonhardt, RS Siegel, JI Schroeder
Plant Methods 4 (1), 1-15, 2008
Nitric oxide is involved in cadmium-induced programmed cell death in Arabidopsis suspension cultures
R De Michele, E Vurro, C Rigo, A Costa, L Elviri, M Di Valentin, M Careri, ...
Plant Physiology 150 (1), 217-228, 2009
H2O2 in plant peroxisomes: an in vivo analysis uncovers a Ca2+‐dependent scavenging system
A Costa, I Drago, S Behera, M Zottini, P Pizzo, JI Schroeder, T Pozzan, ...
The Plant Journal 62 (5), 760-772, 2010
Salicylic acid activates nitric oxide synthesis in Arabidopsis
M Zottini, A Costa, R De Michele, M Ruzzene, F Carimi, F Lo Schiavo
Journal of Experimental Botany 58 (6), 1397-1405, 2007
Thioredoxin-regulated β-amylase (BAM1) triggers diurnal starch degradation in guard cells, and in mesophyll cells under osmotic stress
C Valerio, A Costa, L Marri, E Issakidis-Bourguet, P Pupillo, P Trost, ...
Journal of experimental botany 62 (2), 545-555, 2011
Redox regulation of a novel plastid-targeted β-amylase of Arabidopsis
F Sparla, A Costa, FL Schiavo, P Pupillo, P Trost
Plant Physiology 141 (3), 840-850, 2006
K+ transport by the OsHKT2; 4 transporter from rice with atypical Na+ transport properties and competition in permeation of K+ over Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions
T Horie, DE Brodsky, A Costa, T Kaneko, FL Schiavo, M Katsuhara, ...
Plant Physiology 156 (3), 1493-1507, 2011
AtKC1, a conditionally targeted Shaker‐type subunit, regulates the activity of plant K+ channels
G Duby, E Hosy, C Fizames, C Alcon, A Costa, H Sentenac, JB Thibaud
The Plant Journal 53 (1), 115-123, 2008
Plant cytoplasmic GAPDH: redox post-translational modifications and moonlighting properties
M Zaffagnini, S Fermani, A Costa, SD Lemaire, P Trost
Frontiers in plant science 4, 450, 2013
Agroinfiltration of grapevine leaves for fast transient assays of gene expression and for long-term production of stable transformed cells
M Zottini, E Barizza, A Costa, E Formentin, C Ruberti, F Carimi, ...
Plant Cell Reports 27 (5), 845-853, 2008
OsHKT1;5 mediates Na+ exclusion in the vasculature to protect leaf blades and reproductive tissues from salt toxicity in rice
NI Kobayashi, N Yamaji, H Yamamoto, K Okubo, H Ueno, A Costa, ...
The Plant Journal 91 (4), 657-670, 2017
OsHKT1;4-mediated Na+ transport in stems contributes to Na+ exclusion from leaf blades of rice at the reproductive growth stage upon salt stress
JFMTH Kei Suzuki, Naoki Yamaji, Alex Costa, Eiji Okuma, Natsuko I. Kobayashi ...
BMC Plant Biology 16 (22), 2016
NO signalling in cytokinin‐induced programmed cell death
F Carimi, M Zottini, A Costa, I Cattelan, R De Michele, M Terzi, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 28 (9), 1171-1178, 2005
β-amylase 1 (BAM1) degrades transitory starch to sustain proline biosynthesis during drought stress.
SF Zanella M, Borghi GL, Pirone C, Thalmann M, Pazmino D, Costa A, Santelia ...
Journal of Experimental Botany, 2016
Perception of soft mechanical stress in Arabidopsis leaves activates disease resistance.
L Benikhlef, F L Haridon, E Abou-Mansour, M Serrano, M Binda, A Costa, ...
BMC Plant Biol. 13, 133, 2013
Targeting of Cameleons to various subcellular compartments reveals a strict cytoplasmic/mitochondrial Ca2+ handling relationship in plant cells
G Loro, I Drago, T Pozzan, FL Schiavo, M Zottini, A Costa
The Plant Journal 71 (1), 1-13, 2012
The EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein MICU choreographs mitochondrial Ca2+ dynamics in Arabidopsis
SM Wagner S, Behera S, De Bortoli S, Logan DC, Fuchs P, Carraretto L, Teardo ...
The Plant Cell, 2015
M Vescovi, M Zaffagnini, M Festa, P Trost, F Lo Schiavo, A Costa
Plant Physiology 162 (1), 346-333, 2013
Two putative-aquaporin genes are differentially expressed during arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in Lotus japonicus
M Giovannetti, R Balestrini, V Volpe, M Guether, D Straub, A Costa, ...
BMC plant biology 12 (1), 1-14, 2012
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