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Comparison of two GM maize varieties with a near‐isogenic non‐GM variety using transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics
E Barros, S Lezar, MJ Anttonen, JP Van Dijk, RM Rhlig, EJ Kok, ...
Plant biotechnology journal 8 (4), 436-451, 2010
Sensitivity and speed of induced defense of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.): dynamics of BoLOX expression patterns during insect and pathogen attack
SJ Zheng, JP van Dijk, M Bruinsma, M Dicke
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 20 (11), 1332-1345, 2007
Optimised padlock probe ligation and microarray detection of multiple (non-authorised) GMOs in a single reaction
TW Prins, JP van Dijk, HG Beenen, AMA Van Hoef, MM Voorhuijzen, ...
BMC genomics 9 (1), 584, 2008
Validation of the performance of a GMO multiplex screening assay based on microarray detection
S Leimanis, S Hamels, F Naz, GM Mbella, M Sneyers, R Hochegger, ...
European Food Research and Technology 227 (6), 1621-1632, 2008
Localization of monoclonal antibody G250 and bispecific monoclonal antibody CD3/G250 in human renal‐cell carcinoma xenografts: Relative effects of size and affinity
J Van Dijk, ST Zegveld, GJ Fleuren, SO Warnaar
International journal of cancer 48 (5), 738-743, 1991
mCPP: an undesired addition to the ecstasy market
MG Bossong, TM Brunt, JP Van Dijk, SM Rigter, J Hoek, HMJ Goldschmidt, ...
Journal of Psychopharmacology 24 (9), 1395-1401, 2010
Development and validation of real-time PCR screening methods for detection of cry1A. 105 and cry2Ab2 genes in genetically modified organisms
AZ Dinon, TW Prins, JP van Dijk, ACM Arisi, IMJ Scholtens, EJ Kok
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 400 (5), 1433-1442, 2011
Detecting authorized and unauthorized genetically modified organisms containing vip3A by real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing
C Liang, JP van Dijk, IMJ Scholtens, M Staats, TW Prins, MM Voorhuijzen, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 406 (11), 2603-2611, 2014
Therapeutic effects of monoclonal antibody g250, interferons and tumor necrosis factor, in mice with renal‐cell carcinoma xenografts
J Van Dijk, H Uemura, A Beniers, WP Peelen, ST Zegveld, GJ Fleuren, ...
International journal of cancer 56 (2), 262-268, 1994
Transcriptome Analysis of Potato Tubers Effects of Different Agricultural Practices
JP van Dijk, K Cankar, SJ Scheffer, HG Beenen, LVT Shepherd, D Stewart, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 57 (4), 1612-1623, 2009
Abnormal WT1 expression in the CD34‐negative compartment in myelodysplastic bone marrow
JP Van Dijk, GHJN Knops, LTF Van De Locht, AL Menke, JH Jansen, ...
British journal of haematology 118 (4), 1027-1033, 2002
Bispecific antibodies reactive with the multidrug‐resistance‐related glycoprotein and CD3 induce lysis of multidrug‐resistant tumor cells
J Van Dijk, T Tsuruo, DM Segal, RLH Bolhuis, R Colognola, ...
International journal of cancer 44 (4), 738-743, 1989
Changes in gene and protein expression during tomato ripening—consequences for the safety assessment of new crop plant varieties
EJ Kok, SJ Lehesranta, JP Van Dijk, JR Helsdingen, WTP Dijksma, ...
Food science and technology international 14 (6), 503-518, 2008
Acquired skewing of Lyonization remains stable for a prolonged period in healthy blood donors
JP Van Dijk, L Heuver, E Stevens-Linders, JH Jansen, E Mensink, ...
Leukemia 16 (3), 362, 2002
A novel, essential control for clonality analysis with human androgen receptor gene polymerase chain reaction
JP van Dijk, LH Heuver, BA van der Reijden, RA Raymakers, T de Witte, ...
The American journal of pathology 161 (3), 807-812, 2002
DNA enrichment approaches to identify unauthorized genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
AJ Arulandhu, JP van Dijk, D Dobnik, A Holst-Jensen, J Shi, J Zel, EJ Kok
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 408 (17), 4575-4593, 2016
Gene expression profiling for food safety assessment: examples in potato and maize
JP van Dijk, C Leifert, E Barros, EJ Kok
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 58 (3), S21-S25, 2010
Towards a multiplex cereal traceability tool using padlock probe ligation on genomic DNA
TW Prins, JP van Dijk, AMA Van Hoef, MM Voorhuijzen, S Broeders, ...
Food chemistry 118 (4), 966-973, 2010
Perfusion of tumor-bearing kidneys as a model for scintigraphic screening of monoclonal antibodies
J van Dijk, E Oosterwijk, MJPG van Kroonenburgh, U Jonas, GJ Fleuren, ...
Journal of nuclear medicine 29 (6), 1078-1082, 1988
Development of a multiplex DNA-based traceability tool for crop plant materials
MM Voorhuijzen, JP van Dijk, TW Prins, AMA Van Hoef, R Seyfarth, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 402 (2), 693-701, 2012
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