Teresa Bonacci
Teresa Bonacci
Università della Calabria, Dipartimento di Biologia, Ecologia e Scienze della Terra
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Ground beetles in Mediterranean olive agroecosystems: Their significance and functional role as bioindicators (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
R Pizzolotto, A Mazzei, T Bonacci, S Scalercio, N Iannotta, P Brandmayr
PloS one 13 (3), e0194551, 2018
Rediscovering the ‘umbrella species’ candidate Cucujus cinnaberinus (Scopoli, 1763) in Southern Italy (Coleoptera Cucujidae), and notes on bionomy
A Mazzei, T Bonacci, E Contarini, T Zetto, P Brandmayr
Italian Journal of Zoology 78 (2), 264-270, 2011
A case of Calliphora vicina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 (Diptera, Calliphoridae) breeding in a human corpse in Calabria (southern Italy)
T Bonacci, V Vercillo, P Brandmayr, A Fonti, C Tersaruolo, TZ Brandmayr
Legal Medicine 11 (1), 30-32, 2009
Successional patterns of the insect fauna on a pig carcass in southern Italy and the role of Crematogaster scutellaris (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) as a carrion invader
T Bonacci, T ZETTO BRANDMAYR, P Brandmayr, V Vercillo, F Porcelli
Entomological science 14 (2), 125-132, 2011
A preliminary investigation of insect succession on carrion in Calabria (southern Italy)
P Brandmayr, S Greco, TZB Brandmayr, T Bonacci, C Tersaruolo, ...
Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews 3 (2), 97-110, 2010
Cucujus tulliae sp. n.–an endemic Mediterranean saproxylic beetle from genus Cucujus Fabricius, 1775 (Coleoptera, Cucujidae), and keys for identification of adults and larvae …
T Bonacci, A Mazzei, J Horak, P Brandmayr
ZooKeys, 63, 2012
Better up, worse down: bidirectional consequences of three decades of climate change on a relict population of Erebia cassioides
S Scalercio, T Bonacci, A Mazzei, R Pizzolotto, P Brandmayr
Journal of insect conservation 18, 643-650, 2014
Myiasis in domestic cats: a global review
M Pezzi, T Bonacci, M Leis, E Mamolini, MG Marchetti, S Krčmar, ...
Parasites & vectors 12 (1), 1-14, 2019
Testing the predatory behaviour of Podarcis sicula (Reptilia: Lacertidae) towards aposematic and non-aposematic preys
T Bonacci, G Aloise, P Brandmayr, TZ Brandmayr, M Capula
Amphibia-Reptilia 29 (3), 449-453, 2008
Dermestes frischii and D. undulatus (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) on a human corpse in Southern Italy: First report
T Bonacci, V Vercillo, M Benecke
Rom J Leg Med 25 (2), 180-184, 2017
An in-depth description of head morphology and mouthparts in larvae of the black soldier fly Hermetia illucens
D Bruno, T Bonacci, M Reguzzoni, M Casartelli, A Grimaldi, G Tettamanti, ...
Arthropod structure & development 58, 100969, 2020
Predatory behaviour on ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) by Ocypus olens (Müller)(Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) under laboratory conditions
T Bonacci, A Massolo, P Brandmayr, TZ Brandmayr
Entomological news 117 (5), 545-551, 2006
The flesh fly Sarcophaga (Liopygia) crassipalpis Macquart 1839 as an invader of a corpse in Calabria (Southern Italy)
T Bonacci, S Greco, B Cavalcanti, P Brandmayr, V Vercillo
J Forensic Sci Criminol 1 (4), 1-5, 2014
Outdoor post-mortem bite injuries by Tapinoma nigerrimum (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) on a human corpse: Case report
T Bonacci, V Vercillo
Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 33, 5-8, 2015
Volatile compounds released by disturbed and undisturbed adults of Anchomenus dorsalis (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini) and structure of the pygidial gland
T Bonacci, P Brandmayr, T Zetto, ID Perrotta, S Guarino, E Peri, S Colazza
ZooKeys, 13, 2011
What is going on between aposematic carabid beetles? The case of Anchomenus dorsalis (Pontoppidan 1763) and Brachinus sclopeta (Fabricius 1792 …
T Zetto Brandmayr, T Bonacci, A Massolo, P Brandmayr
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 18 (4), 335-348, 2006
Insect fauna and degradation activity of Thanatophilus species on carrion in southern Italy (Coleoptera: Silphidae).
T Bonacci, S Greco, TZ Brandmayr
Synanthropy and Temporal Variability of Calliphoridae Living in Cosenza (Calabria, Southern Italy).
S Greco, P Brandmayr, T e Bonacci
J. Insect Sci. 14 ((216)), 2014
Flies and ants: A forensic entomological neglect case of an elderly man in Calabria, Southern Italy
T Bonacci, V Vercillo, M Benecke
Rom. J. Leg. Med 25, 283-286, 2017
Zetto Brandmayr, T., Brandmayr, P., Vercillo, V. & Porcelli, F.(2011). Successional patterns of the insect fauna on a pig carcass in southern Italy and the role of …
T Bonacci
Entomological science 14, 125-132, 0
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