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Pretreatment methods to enhance anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste
J Ariunbaatar, A Panico, G Esposito, F Pirozzi, PNL Lens
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Comparative bioremediation of heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons co-contaminated soil by natural attenuation, phytoremediation, bioaugmentation and bioaugmentation …
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Electron donors for autotrophic denitrification
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Bio-Methane Potential Tests To Measure The Biogas Production From The Digestion and Co-Digestion of Complex Organic Substrates
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SO Ganiyu, TXH Le, M Bechelany, G Esposito, ED van Hullebusch, ...
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F Di Capua, S Papirio, PNL Lens, G Esposito
Chemical Engineering Journal 280, 643-657, 2015
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