Timothy J. White
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Programmable and adaptive mechanics with liquid crystal polymer networks and elastomers
TJ White, DJ Broer
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Voxelated liquid crystal elastomers
TH Ware, ME McConney, JJ Wie, VP Tondiglia, TJ White
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A high frequency photodriven polymer oscillator
TJ White, NV Tabiryan, SV Serak, UA Hrozhyk, VP Tondiglia, H Koerner, ...
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3D printing of liquid crystal elastomeric actuators with spatially programed nematic order
A Kotikian, RL Truby, JW Boley, TJ White, JA Lewis
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S Serak, N Tabiryan, R Vergara, TJ White, RA Vaia, TJ Bunning
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KM Lee, H Koerner, RA Vaia, TJ Bunning, TJ White
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TJ White, ME McConney, TJ Bunning
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Polarization-controlled, photodriven bending in monodomain liquid crystal elastomer cantilevers
TJ White, SV Serak, NV Tabiryan, RA Vaia, TJ Bunning
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ME McConney, A Martinez, VP Tondiglia, KM Lee, D Langley, II Smalyukh, ...
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J Ma, Y Li, T White, A Urbas, Q Li
Chemical Communications 46 (20), 3463-3465, 2010
Light-driven reversible handedness inversion in self-organized helical superstructures
M Mathews, RS Zola, S Hurley, DK Yang, TJ White, TJ Bunning, Q Li
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (51), 18361-18366, 2010
Phototunable Azobenzene Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with 2000 nm Range
TJ White, RL Bricker, LV Natarajan, NV Tabiryan, L Green, Q Li, ...
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T Kosa, L Sukhomlinova, L Su, B Taheri, TJ White, TJ Bunning
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Relationship between the photomechanical response and the thermomechanical properties of azobenzene liquid crystalline polymer networks
KM Lee, H Koerner, RA Vaia, TJ Bunning, TJ White
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DH Wang, KM Lee, Z Yu, H Koerner, RA Vaia, TJ White, LS Tan
Macromolecules 44 (10), 3840-3846, 2011
Photogenerating work from polymers
H Koerner, TJ White, NV Tabiryan, TJ Bunning, RA Vaia
Materials Today 11 (7-8), 34-42, 2008
Directing Dynamic Control of Red, Green, and Blue Reflection Enabled by a Light‐Driven Self‐Organized Helical Superstructure
Q Li, Y Li, J Ma, DK Yang, TJ White, TJ Bunning
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Autonomous, Hands‐Free Shape Memory in Glassy, Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks
KM Lee, TJ Bunning, TJ White
Advanced Materials, 2012
Photomotility of polymers
JJ Wie, MR Shankar, TJ White
Nature Communications 7, 13260, 2016
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