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Observation of quantum interference in molecular charge transport
CM Guédon, H Valkenier, T Markussen, KS Thygesen, JC Hummelen, ...
Nature nanotechnology 7 (5), 305-309, 2012
Correlations between molecular structure and single-junction conductance: a case study with oligo (phenylene-ethynylene)-type wires
V Kaliginedi, P Moreno-García, H Valkenier, W Hong, VM García-Suárez, ...
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Evidence for quantum interference in SAMs of arylethynylene thiolates in tunneling junctions with eutectic Ga–In (EGaIn) top-contacts
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Large negative differential conductance in single-molecule break junctions
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Synthesis and properties of an anthraquinone-based redox switch for molecular electronics
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An MCBJ case study: The influence of π-conjugation on the single-molecule conductance at a solid/liquid interface
W Hong, H Valkenier, G Mészáros, DZ Manrique, A Mishchenko, A Putz, ...
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Formation of high-quality self-assembled monolayers of conjugated dithiols on gold: base matters
H Valkenier, EH Huisman, PA van Hal, DM de Leeuw, RC Chiechi, ...
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Efficient, non-toxic anion transport by synthetic carriers in cells and epithelia
H Li, H Valkenier, LW Judd, PR Brotherhood, S Hussain, JA Cooper, ...
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Cross-conjugation and quantum interference: a general correlation?
H Valkenier, CM Guédon, T Markussen, KS Thygesen, SJ van der Molen, ...
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Biotin [6] uril Esters: Chloride-Selective Transmembrane Anion Carriers Employing C H··· Anion Interactions
M Lisbjerg, H Valkenier, BM Jessen, H Al-Kerdi, AP Davis, M Pittelkow
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (15), 4948-4951, 2015
High‐Affinity Anion Binding by Steroidal Squaramide Receptors
SJ Edwards, H Valkenier, N Busschaert, PA Gale, AP Davis
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Making a match for valinomycin: steroidal scaffolds in the design of electroneutral, electrogenic anion carriers
H Valkenier, AP Davis
Accounts of chemical research 46 (12), 2898-2909, 2013
Nonprotonophoric electrogenic Cl− transport mediated by valinomycin-like carriers
X Wu, LW Judd, ENW Howe, AM Withecombe, V Soto-Cerrato, H Li, ...
Chem 1 (1), 127-146, 2016
Preorganized bis-thioureas as powerful anion carriers: chloride transport by single molecules in large unilamellar vesicles
H Valkenier, LW Judd, H Li, S Hussain, DN Sheppard, AP Davis
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (35), 12507-12512, 2014
Lipophilic balance–a new design principle for transmembrane anion carriers
H Valkenier, CJE Haynes, J Herniman, PA Gale, AP Davis
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Statistical analysis of single‐molecule breaking traces
R Frisenda, ML Perrin, H Valkenier, JC Hummelen, HSJ van der Zant
physica status solidi (b) 250 (11), 2431-2436, 2013
Electric-field control of interfering transport pathways in a single-molecule anthraquinone transistor
M Koole, JM Thijssen, H Valkenier, JC Hummelen, HSJ Van Der Zant
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Visualization and quantification of transmembrane ion transport into giant unilamellar vesicles
H Valkenier, N López Mora, A Kros, AP Davis
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Targeted anion transporter delivery by coiled-coil driven membrane fusion
NL Mora, A Bahreman, H Valkenier, H Li, TH Sharp, DN Sheppard, ...
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Anion transport by ortho-phenylene bis-ureas across cell and vesicle membranes
CM Dias, H Li, H Valkenier, LE Karagiannidis, PA Gale, DN Sheppard, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 16 (7), 1083-1087, 2018
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