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The role of serpentinites in cycling of carbon and sulfur: seafloor serpentinization and subduction metamorphism
JC Alt, EM Schwarzenbach, GL Früh-Green, WC Shanks III, ...
Lithos 178, 40-54, 2013
Recycling of water, carbon, and sulfur during subduction of serpentinites: A stable isotope study of Cerro del Almirez, Spain
JC Alt, CJ Garrido, WC Shanks III, A Turchyn, JA Padrón-Navarta, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 327, 50-60, 2012
Petrogenesis of highly depleted peridotites and gabbroic rocks from the Mayarí-Baracoa Ophiolitic Belt (eastern Cuba)
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, M Godard, JA Proenza, F Gervilla, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 151 (6), 717, 2006
Tschermak's substitution in antigorite and consequences for phase relations and water liberation in high-grade serpentinites
JA Padrón-Navarta, VL Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J Hermann, JAD Connolly, ...
Lithos 178, 186-196, 2013
Primitive Cretaceous island-arc volcanic rocks in eastern Cuba: the Téneme Formation
JA Proenza, R Díaz-Martínez, A Iriondo, C Marchesi, ...
Geologica Acta 4 (1-2), 0103-121, 2006
Garnet lherzolite and garnet-spinel mylonite in the Ronda peridotite: Vestiges of Oligocene backarc mantle lithospheric extension in the western Mediterranean
CJ Garrido, F Gueydan, G Booth-Rea, J Precigout, K Hidas, ...
Geology 39 (10), 927-930, 2011
Geochemistry of Cretaceous magmatism in eastern Cuba: recycling of North American continental sediments and implications for subduction polarity in the Greater Antilles Paleo-arc
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, D Bosch, JA Proenza, F Gervilla, P Monié, ...
Journal of Petrology 48 (9), 1813-1840, 2007
Migration and accumulation of ultra-depleted subduction-related melts in the Massif du Sud ophiolite (New Caledonia)
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, M Godard, F Belley, E Ferré
Chemical Geology 266 (3-4), 171-186, 2009
Primary melt inclusions in andalusite from anatectic graphitic metapelites: implications for the position of the Al2SiO5 triple point
B Cesare, C Marchesi, J Hermann, MT Gómez-Pugnaire
Geology 31 (7), 573-576, 2003
Element mobility from seafloor serpentinization to high-pressure dehydration of antigorite in subducted serpentinite: Insights from the Cerro del Almirez ultramafic massif …
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, JA Padrón-Navarta, VL Sánchez-Vizcaíno, ...
Lithos 178, 128-142, 2013
In situ Re–Os isotopic analysis of platinum-group minerals from the Mayarí-Cristal ophiolitic massif (Mayarí-Baracoa Ophiolitic Belt, eastern Cuba): implications for the origin …
C Marchesi, JM González-Jiménez, F Gervilla, CJ Garrido, WL Griffin, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 161 (6), 977-990, 2011
Backarc basin inversion and subcontinental mantle emplacement in the crust: kilometre-scale folding and shearing at the base of the proto-Alborán lithospheric mantle (Betic …
K Hidas, G Booth-Rea, CJ Garrido, JM Martínez-Martínez, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 170 (1), 47-55, 2013
Platinum-group elements, S, Se and Cu in highly depleted abyssal peridotites from the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Ridge (ODP Hole 1274A): influence of hydrothermal and magmatic processes
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, J Harvey, JM González-Jiménez, K Hidas, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 166 (5), 1521-1538, 2013
Mantle refertilization by melts of crustal-derived garnet pyroxenite: evidence from the Ronda peridotite massif, southern Spain
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, D Bosch, JL Bodinier, F Gervilla, K Hidas
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 362, 66-75, 2013
A Late Oligocene suprasubduction setting in the westernmost Mediterranean revealed by intrusive pyroxenite dikes in the Ronda peridotite (southern Spain)
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, D Bosch, JL Bodinier, K Hidas, ...
The Journal of Geology 120 (2), 237-247, 2012
11B-rich fluids in subduction zones: The role of antigorite dehydration in subducting slabs and boron isotope heterogeneity in the mantle
J Harvey, CJ Garrido, I Savov, S Agostini, JA Padrón-Navarta, C Marchesi, ...
Chemical Geology 376, 20-30, 2014
Petrogenesis of fertile mantle peridotites from the Monte del Estado massif (Southwest Puerto Rico): a preserved section of Proto-Caribbean lithospheric mantle?
C Marchesi, WT Jolly, JF Lewis, CJ Garrido, JA Proenza, EG Lidiak
Geologica Acta 9 (3-4), 0289-306, 2011
Persistence of mantle lithospheric Re–Os signature during asthenospherization of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle: insights from in situ isotopic analysis of sulfides …
C Marchesi, WL Griffin, CJ Garrido, JL Bodinier, SY O’Reilly, NJ Pearson
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 159 (3), 315-330, 2010
Geochemical record of subduction initiation in the sub-arc mantle: Insights from the Loma Caribe peridotite (Dominican Republic)
C Marchesi, CJ Garrido, JA Proenza, K Hidas, MI Varas-Reus, L Butjosa, ...
Lithos 252, 1-15, 2016
Strain localization in pyroxenite by reaction-enhanced softening in the shallow subcontinental lithospheric mantle
K Hidas, CJ Garrido, A Tommasi, JA Padrón-Navarta, M Thielmann, ...
Journal of Petrology 54 (10), 1997-2031, 2013
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