Jordi Ribas
Jordi Ribas
Associate Professor, University of Barcelona
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Covalent mechanochemistry: theoretical concepts and computational tools with applications to molecular nanomechanics
J Ribas-Arino, D Marx
Chemical reviews 112 (10), 5412-5487, 2012
Understanding covalent mechanochemistry
J Ribas‐Arino, M Shiga, D Marx
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (23), 4190-4193, 2009
Theoretical study of alkyl-π and aryl-π interactions. reconciling theory and experiment
J Ribas, E Cubero, FJ Luque, M Orozco
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Mechanochemical transduction of externally applied forces to mechanophores
J Ribas-Arino, M Shiga, D Marx
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Structures with tunable strong ferromagnetic coupling: from unordered (1D) to ordered (discrete)
YF Zeng, JP Zhao, BW Hu, X Hu, FC Liu, J Ribas, J Ribas‐Ariño, XH Bu
Chemistry-a European Journal 13 (35), 9924-9930, 2007
The Janus-faced role of external forces in mechanochemical disulfide bond cleavage
P Dopieralski, J Ribas-Arino, P Anjukandi, M Krupicka, J Kiss, D Marx
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Self-Assembly of an Azido-Bridged [NiII6] Cluster Featuring Four Fused Defective Cubanes
D Mandal, V Bertolasi, J Ribas-Ariño, G Aromí, D Ray
Inorganic chemistry 47 (9), 3465-3467, 2008
S= 1/2 One‐Dimensional Random‐Exchange Ferromagnetic Zigzag Ladder, Which Exhibits Competing Interactions in a Critical Regime
SN Herringer, M Deumal, J Ribas‐Arino, JJ Novoa, CP Landee, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 20 (27), 8355-8362, 2014
Self-Assembly of CuII and NiII [2 × 2] Grid Complexes and a Binuclear CuII Complex with a New Semiflexible Substituted Pyrazine Ligand:  Multiple Anion …
DS Cati, J Ribas, J Ribas-Ariño, H Stoeckli-Evans
Inorganic chemistry 43 (3), 1021-1030, 2004
Direct versus Mediated Through‐Space Magnetic Interactions: A First Principles, Bottom‐Up Reinvestigation of the Magnetism of the Pyridyl‐Verdazyl: Hydroquinone Molecular Co …
J Jornet, M Deumal, J Ribas‐Ariño, MJ Bearpark, MA Robb, RG Hicks, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 12 (15), 3995-4005, 2006
On the role of polymer chains in transducing external mechanical forces to benzocyclobutene mechanophores
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A versatile series of nickel (II) complexes derived from tetradentate imine/pyridyl Ligands and various pseudohalides: Azide and cyanate compared
M Habib, TK Karmakar, G Aromí, J Ribas-Arino, HK Fun, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (10), 4109-4117, 2008
Towards an accurate and computationally-efficient modelling of Fe (II)-based spin crossover materials
S Vela, M Fumanal, J Ribas-Arino, V Robert
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (25), 16306-16314, 2015
The key role of vibrational entropy in the phase transitions of dithiazolyl-based bistable magnetic materials
S Vela, F Mota, M Deumal, R Suizu, Y Shuku, A Mizuno, K Awaga, ...
Nature communications 5, 4411, 2014
Preparation and Structure of Three Solvatomorphs of the Polymer [Co(dbm)2(4ptz)]n:  Spin Canting Depending on the Supramolecular Organization
LA Barrios, J Ribas, G Aromí, J Ribas-Ariño, P Gamez, O Roubeau, ...
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Insights into the crystal-packing effects on the spin crossover of [Fe II (1-bpp)] 2+-based materials
S Vela, JJ Novoa, J Ribas-Arino
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Unexpected mechanochemical complexity in the mechanistic scenarios of disulfide bond reduction in alkaline solution
P Dopieralski, J Ribas–Arino, P Anjukandi, M Krupicka, D Marx
Nature Chemistry 9 (2), 164, 2017
Unravelling the Mechanism of Force‐Induced Ring‐Opening of Benzocyclobutenes
J Ribas‐Arino, M Shiga, D Marx
Chemistry-A European Journal 15 (48), 13331-13335, 2009
Force‐Transformed Free‐Energy Surfaces and Trajectory‐Shooting Simulations Reveal the Mechano‐Stereochemistry of Cyclopropane Ring‐Opening Reactions
P Dopieralski, J Ribas‐Arino, D Marx
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (31), 7105-7108, 2011
Designed Topology and Site‐Selective Metal Composition in Tetranuclear [MM′⋅⋅⋅ M′ M] Linear Complexes
LA Barrios, D Aguilà, O Roubeau, P Gamez, J Ribas‐Ariño, SJ Teat, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 15 (42), 11235-11243, 2009
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