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Transcriptome-wide identification of RNA-binding protein and microRNA target sites by PAR-CLIP
M Hafner, M Landthaler, L Burger, M Khorshid, J Hausser, P Berninger, ...
Cell 141 (1), 129-141, 2010
A census of human RNA-binding proteins
S Gerstberger, M Hafner, T Tuschl
Nature Reviews Genetics 15 (12), 829-845, 2014
Integrative regulatory mapping indicates that the RNA-binding protein HuR couples pre-mRNA processing and mRNA stability
N Mukherjee, DL Corcoran, JD Nusbaum, DW Reid, S Georgiev, ...
Molecular cell 43 (3), 327-339, 2011
FMRP targets distinct mRNA sequence elements to regulate protein expression
M Ascano, N Mukherjee, P Bandaru, JB Miller, JD Nusbaum, DL Corcoran, ...
Nature 492 (7429), 382-386, 2012
Identification of microRNAs and other small regulatory RNAs using cDNA library sequencing
M Hafner, P Landgraf, J Ludwig, A Rice, T Ojo, C Lin, D Holoch, C Lim, ...
Methods 44 (1), 3-12, 2008
Molecular characterization of human Argonaute-containing ribonucleoprotein complexes and their bound target mRNAs
M Landthaler, D Gaidatzis, A Rothballer, PY Chen, SJ Soll, L Dinic, T Ojo, ...
Rna 14 (12), 2580-2596, 2008
MicroRNA sequence and expression analysis in breast tumors by deep sequencing
TA Farazi, HM Horlings, J Jelle, A Mihailovic, H Halfwerk, P Morozov, ...
Cancer research 71 (13), 4443-4453, 2011
The viral and cellular microRNA targetome in lymphoblastoid cell lines
RL Skalsky, DL Corcoran, E Gottwein, CL Frank, D Kang, M Hafner, ...
PLoS Pathog 8 (1), e1002484, 2012
RNA-ligase-dependent biases in miRNA representation in deep-sequenced small RNA cDNA libraries
M Hafner, N Renwick, M Brown, A Mihailović, D Holoch, C Lin, JTG Pena, ...
Rna 17 (9), 1697-1712, 2011
PAR-CliP-a method to identify transcriptome-wide the binding sites of RNA binding proteins
M Hafner, M Landthaler, L Burger, M Khorshid, J Hausser, P Berninger, ...
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e2034, 2010
RNA targets of wild-type and mutant FET family proteins
JI Hoell, E Larsson, S Runge, JD Nusbaum, S Duggimpudi, TA Farazi, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (12), 1428-1431, 2011
Viral microRNA targetome of KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma cell lines
E Gottwein, DL Corcoran, N Mukherjee, RL Skalsky, M Hafner, ...
Cell host & microbe 10 (5), 515-526, 2011
miRNA in situ hybridization in formaldehyde and EDC–fixed tissues
JTG Pena, C Sohn-Lee, SH Rouhanifard, J Ludwig, M Hafner, ...
Nature methods 6 (2), 139-141, 2009
Inhibition of cytohesins by SecinH3 leads to hepatic insulin resistance
M Hafner, A Schmitz, I Grne, SG Srivatsan, B Paul, W Kolanus, T Quast, ...
Nature 444 (7121), 941-944, 2006
DGCR8-dependent microRNA biogenesis is essential for skin development
R Yi, HA Pasolli, M Landthaler, M Hafner, T Ojo, R Sheridan, C Sander, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (2), 498-502, 2009
Identification of RNA–protein interaction networks using PAR‐CLIP
M Ascano, M Hafner, P Cekan, S Gerstberger, T Tuschl
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: RNA 3 (2), 159-177, 2012
Genome-wide identification of microRNA targets in human ES cells reveals a role for miR-302 in modulating BMP response
I Lipchina, Y Elkabetz, M Hafner, R Sheridan, A Mihailovic, T Tuschl, ...
Genes & development 25 (20), 2173-2186, 2011
microRNAs are biomarkers of oncogenic human papillomavirus infections
X Wang, HK Wang, Y Li, M Hafner, NS Banerjee, S Tang, D Briskin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (11), 4262-4267, 2014
Absolute quantification of microRNAs by using a universal reference
U Bissels, S Wild, S Tomiuk, A Holste, M Hafner, T Tuschl, A Bosio
Rna 15 (12), 2375-2384, 2009
Identification of mRNAs bound and regulated by human LIN28 proteins and molecular requirements for RNA recognition
M Hafner, KEA Max, P Bandaru, P Morozov, S Gerstberger, M Brown, ...
Rna 19 (5), 613-626, 2013
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