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Cretaceous sea-surface temperature evolution: Constraints from TEX86 and planktonic foraminiferal oxygen isotopes
CL O'Brien, SA Robinson, RD Pancost, JSS Damsté, S Schouten, DJ Lunt, ...
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NAGM van Helmond, A Sluijs, GJ Reichart, JS Sinninghe Damsté, ...
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M Egger, M Hagens, CJ Sapart, N Dijkstra, NAGM van Helmond, ...
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Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 33 (9), 994-1012, 2018
Freshwater discharge controlled deposition of Cenomanian–Turonian black shales on the NW European epicontinental shelf (Wunstorf, northern Germany)
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Spatial extent and degree of oxygen depletion in the deep proto‐North Atlantic basin during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
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Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15 (11), 4254-4266, 2014
Marine productivity leads organic matter preservation in sapropel S1: palynological evidence from a core east of the Nile River outflow
NAGM van Helmond, R Hennekam, TH Donders, FPM Bunnik, ...
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Equatorward phytoplankton migration during a cold spell within the Late Cretaceous super-greenhouse
NAGM van Helmond, A Sluijs, NM Papadomanolaki, AG Plint, DR Gröcke, MA ...
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Long-distance oak supply in mid-2nd century AD revealed: the case of a Roman harbour (Voorburg-Arentsburg) in the Netherlands
M Domínguez-Delmás, M Driessen, I García-González, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 41, 642-654, 2014
Large variations in iron input to an oligotrophic Baltic Sea estuary: impact on sedimentary phosphorus burial
WK Lenstra, M Egger, NAGM Van Helmond, E Kritzberg, DJ Conley, ...
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The shelf-to-basin iron shuttle in the Black Sea revisited
WK Lenstra, M Hermans, MJM Séguret, R Witbaard, T Behrends, ...
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Shelf hypoxia in response to global warming after the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary impact
J Vellekoop, L Woelders, NAGM van Helmond, S Galeotti, J Smit, ...
Geology 46 (8), 683-686, 2018
Biogeochemistry of the North Atlantic during oceanic anoxic event 2: role of changes in ocean circulation and phosphorus input
I Ruvalcaba Baroni, RPM Topper, NAGM van Helmond, H Brinkhuis, ...
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Abundance and Biogeochemical Impact of Cable Bacteria in Baltic Sea Sediments
M Hermans, W Lenstra, S Hidalgo-Martinez, NAGM van Helmond, ...
Environmental science & technology 53 (13), 7494-7503, 2019
Reconstructing Holocene temperature and salinity variations in the western Baltic Sea region: a multi-proxy comparison from the Little Belt (IODP Expedition 347, Site M0059)
U Kotthoff, J Groeneveld, JL Ash, AS Fanget, NQ Krupinski, O Peyron, ...
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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 246, 174-196, 2019
Seasonal hypoxia was a natural feature of the coastal zone in the Little Belt, Denmark, during the past 8 ka
NAGM van Helmond, NBQ Krupinski, BC Lougheed, SP Obrochta, ...
Marine Geology 387, 45-57, 2017
Land-sea coupling of early Pleistocene glacial cycles in the southern North Sea exhibit dominant Northern Hemisphere forcing
TH Donders, NAGM van Helmond, R Verreussel, D Munsterman, ...
Climate of the Past 14 (3), 397-411, 2018
Microbial community composition and functional potential in Bothnian Sea sediments is linked to Fe and S dynamics and the quality of organic matter
O Rasigraf, NAGM van Helmond, J Frank, WK Lenstra, M Egger, ...
Limnology and oceanography 65, S113-S133, 2020
Controls on the onset and termination of past hypoxia in the Baltic Sea
NM Papadomanolaki, N Dijkstra, NAGM van Helmond, M Hagens, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 490, 347-354, 2018
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