Francesco R Simonetti
Francesco R Simonetti
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Specific HIV integration sites are linked to clonal expansion and persistence of infected cells
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Antigen-driven clonal selection shapes the persistence of HIV-1–infected CD4+ T cells in vivo
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Intact proviral DNA assay analysis of large cohorts of people with HIV provides a benchmark for the frequency and composition of persistent proviral DNA
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Measuring replication competent HIV-1: advances and challenges in defining the latent reservoir
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Clones of infected cells arise early in HIV-infected individuals
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Autologous IgG antibodies block outgrowth of a substantial but variable fraction of viruses in the latent reservoir for HIV-1
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Origin, evolution, and phylogeography of recent epidemic CHIKV strains
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Measuring the latent reservoir for HIV-1: Quantification bias in near full-length genome sequencing methods
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influence of ART on HIV genetics
FR Simonetti, MF Kearney
Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS 10 (1), 49-54, 2015
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