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Helena Téllez
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Surface termination and subsurface restructuring of perovskite-based solid oxide electrode materials
J Druce, H Tellez, M Burriel, MD Sharp, LJ Fawcett, SN Cook, DS McPhail, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (11), 3593-3599, 2014
Segregated Chemistry and Structure on (001) and (100) Surfaces of (La1–xSrx)2CoO4 Override the Crystal Anisotropy in Oxygen Exchange Kinetics
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New perspectives in the surface analysis of energy materials by combined time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) and high sensitivity low-energy ion …
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Reliability of binary analytical responses
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LaTiOxNy Thin Film Model Systems for Photocatalytic Water Splitting: Physicochemical Evolution of the Solid–Liquid Interface and the Role of the Crystallographic …
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Applied Physics Letters 101 (15), 151602, 2012
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