Ottoline Leyser
Ottoline Leyser
Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge
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The Arabidopsis F-box protein TIR1 is an auxin receptor
S Kepinski, O Leyser
Nature 435 (7041), 446-451, 2005
Auxin regulates SCF TIR1-dependent degradation of AUX/IAA proteins
WM Gray, S Kepinski, D Rouse, O Leyser, M Estelle
Nature 414 (6861), 271-276, 2001
An auxin-dependent distal organizer of pattern and polarity in the Arabidopsis root
S Sabatini, D Beis, H Wolkenfelt, J Murfett, T Guilfoyle, J Malamy, ...
Cell 99 (5), 463-472, 1999
Ethylene as a signal mediating the wound response of tomato plants
PJ O'donnell, C Calvert, R Atzorn, C Wasternack, HMO Leyser, DJ Bowles
Science (New York, NY) 274 (5294), 1914, 1996
Phosphate availability regulates root system architecture in Arabidopsis
LC Williamson, SPCP Ribrioux, AH Fitter, HMO Leyser
Plant physiology 126 (2), 875-882, 2001
MAX1 and MAX2 control shoot lateral branching in Arabidopsis
P Stirnberg, K van De Sande, HMO Leyser
Development 129 (5), 1131-1141, 2002
Nitrate and phosphate availability and distribution have different effects on root system architecture of Arabidopsis
BI Linkohr, LC Williamson, AH Fitter, HM Leyser
The Plant Journal 29 (6), 751-760, 2002
MAX4 and RMS1 are orthologous dioxygenase-like genes that regulate shoot branching in Arabidopsis and pea
K Sorefan, J Booker, K Haurogné, M Goussot, K Bainbridge, E Foo, ...
Genes & development 17 (12), 1469-1474, 2003
MAX3/CCD7 is a carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase required for the synthesis of a novel plant signaling molecule
J Booker, M Auldridge, S Wills, D McCarty, H Klee, O Leyser
Current biology 14 (14), 1232-1238, 2004
Arabidopsis auxin-resistance gene AXR1 encodes a protein related to ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1
HMO Leyser, CA Lincoln, C Timpte, D Lammer, J Turner, M Estelle
Nature Publishing Group 364 (6433), 161-164, 1993
Signal integration in the control of shoot branching
MA Domagalska, O Leyser
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 12 (4), 211-221, 2011
Root gravitropism requires lateral root cap and epidermal cells for transport and response to a mobile auxin signal
R Swarup, EM Kramer, P Perry, K Knox, HMO Leyser, J Haseloff, ...
Nature Cell Biology 7 (11), 1057-1065, 2005
< i> MAX1</i> Encodes a Cytochrome P450 Family Member that Acts Downstream of< i> MAX3/4</i> to Produce a Carotenoid-Derived Branch-Inhibiting Hormone
J Booker, T Sieberer, W Wright, L Williamson, B Willett, P Stirnberg, ...
Developmental cell 8 (3), 443-449, 2005
The Arabidopsis MAX Pathway Controls Shoot Branching by Regulating Auxin Transport
T Bennett, T Sieberer, B Willett, J Booker, C Luschnig, O Leyser
Current Biology 16, 553-563, 2006
Mutations in the AXR3 gene of Arabidopsis result in altered auxin response including ectopic expression from the SAUR‐AC1 promoter
HMO Leyser, FB Pickett, S Dharmasiri, M Estelle
The Plant Journal 10 (3), 403-413, 1996
Strigolactones are transported through the xylem and play a key role in shoot architectural response to phosphate deficiency in nonarbuscular mycorrhizal host Arabidopsis
W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, Q Liu, R Bours, MA Domagalska, S Beguerie, ...
Plant Physiology 155 (2), 974-987, 2011
Changes in auxin response from mutations in an AUX/IAA gene
D Rouse, P Mackay, P Stirnberg, M Estelle, O Leyser
Science 279 (5355), 1371-1373, 1998
Micrografting techniques for testing long‐distance signalling in Arabidopsis
CGN Turnbull, JP Booker, HM Leyser
The Plant Journal 32 (2), 255-262, 2002
Shoot branching
P McSteen, O Leyser
Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 56, 353-374, 2005
MAX2 participates in an SCF complex which acts locally at the node to suppress shoot branching
P Stirnberg, IJ Furner, HM Ottoline Leyser
The Plant Journal 50 (1), 80-94, 2007
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