Gyula Halasi
Gyula Halasi
University of Szeged, Hungary
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Photocatalytic decomposition of ethanol on TiO2 modified by N and promoted by metals
G Halasi, I Ugrai, F Solymosi
Journal of catalysis 281 (2), 309-317, 2011
CVD-synthesis of multiwall carbon nanotubes over potassium-doped supported catalysts
Z Balogh, G Halasi, B Korbély, K Hernadi
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In Situ DRIFTS and NAP-XPS Exploration of the Complexity of CO2 Hydrogenation over Size-Controlled Pt Nanoparticles Supported on Mesoporous NiO
A Sápi, G Halasi, J Kiss, DG Dobó, KL Juhász, VJ Kolcsár, Z Ferencz, ...
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G Halasi, G Schubert, F Solymosi
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Silica-based catalyst supports are inert, are they not?: striking differences in ethanol decomposition reaction originated from meso-and surface-fine-structure evidenced by …
A Sápi, DG Dobó, D Sebők, G Halasi, KL Juhász, A Szamosvölgyi, ...
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Photocatalytic reduction of NO with ethanol on Au/TiO2
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Synergetic of Pt nanoparticles and H-ZSM-5 zeolites for efficient CO2 activation: Role of interfacial sites in high activity
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Characterization and catalytic activity of different carbon supported Pd nanocomposites
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Time-resolved momentum microscopy with a 1 MHz high-harmonic extreme ultraviolet beamline
M Keunecke, C Möller, D Schmitt, H Nolte, GSM Jansen, M Reutzel, ...
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Development and Application of Carbon‐Layer‐Stabilized, Nitrogen‐Doped, Bamboo‐Like Carbon Nanotube Catalysts in CO2 Hydrogenation
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Ambient pressure CO2 hydrogenation over a cobalt/manganese-oxide nanostructured interface: A combined in situ and ex situ study
G Varga, A Sápi, T Varga, K Baán, I Szenti, G Halasi, R Mucsi, L Óvári, ...
Journal of Catalysis 386, 70-80, 2020
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