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Clusters dissolution of Yb3+ in codoped SiO2-Al2O3-P2O5 glass fiber and its relevance to photodarkening
T Deschamps, N Ollier, H Vezin, C Gonnet
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (1), 014503, 2012
Evidence of AlOHC responsible for the radiation-induced darkening in Yb doped fiber
T Deschamps, H Vezin, C Gonnet, N Ollier
Optics express 21 (7), 8382-8392, 2013
A Raman and MAS NMR study of mixed alkali Na–K and Na–Li aluminoborosilicate glasses
N Ollier, T Charpentier, B Boizot, G Wallez, D Ghaleb
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Irradiation effects in simplified nuclear waste glasses
B Boizot, N Ollier, F Olivier, G Petite, D Ghaleb, E Malchukova
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2005
Analysis of molecular oxygen formation in irradiated glasses: a Raman depth profile study
N Ollier, B Boizot, B Reynard, D Ghaleb, G Petite
Journal of Nuclear Materials 340 (2-3), 209-213, 2005
β irradiation in borosilicate glasses: the role of the mixed alkali effect
N Ollier, B Boizot, B Reynard, D Ghaleb, G Petite
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2004
Influence of external β-irradiation in oxide glasses
N Ollier, B Champagnon, B Boizot, Y Guyot, G Panczer, B Padlyak
Journal of non-crystalline solids 323 (1-3), 200-206, 2003
A structural approach by MAS NMR spectroscopy of mechanisms occurring under β-irradiation in mixed alkali aluminoborosilicate glasses
N Ollier, T Charpentier, B Boizot, G Petite
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 16 (43), 7625, 2004
Spectroscopic studies of Ti3+ ions speciation inside MgAl2O4 spinels
P Lombard, B Boizot, N Ollier, A Jouini, A Yoshikawa
Journal of Crystal Growth 311 (3), 899-903, 2009
Europium as a luminescent probe of an aluminoborosilicate nuclear glass and its weathering gels
N Ollier, G Panczer, B Champagnon, G Boulon, P Jollivet
Journal of luminescence 94, 197-201, 2001
Origin of Radiation-Induced Darkening in Yb3+/Al3+/P5+-Doped Silica Glasses: Effect of the P/Al Ratio
C Shao, J Ren, F Wang, N Ollier, F Xie, X Zhang, L Zhang, C Yu, L Hu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (10), 2809-2820, 2018
Structural features of a Eu3+ doped nuclear glass and gels obtained from glass leaching
N Ollier, G Concas, G Panczer, B Champagnon, T Charpentier
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 328 (1-3), 207-214, 2003
Effects of temperature and flux on oxygen bubble formation in Li borosilicate glass under electron beam irradiation
N Ollier, G Rizza, B Boizot, G Petite
Journal of applied physics 99 (7), 073511, 2006
EPR study of Ti3+ ions formed under beta irradiation in silicate glasses
P Lombard, N Ollier, B Boizot
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (7), 1685-1689, 2011
Manipulating refractive index, homogeneity and spectroscopy of Yb3+-doped silica-core glass towards high-power large mode area photonic crystal fiber lasers
F Wang, L Hu, W Xu, M Wang, S Feng, J Ren, L Zhang, D Chen, N Ollier, ...
Optics express 25 (21), 25960-25969, 2017
Impact of rare earth element clusters on the excited state lifetime evolution under irradiation in oxide glasses
V Pukhkaya, P Goldner, A Ferrier, N Ollier
Optics express 23 (3), 3270-3281, 2015
EPR study of Yb-doped irradiated glasses
N Ollier, R Planchais, B Boizot
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2008
Radiation hardening in sol-gel derived Er3+-doped silica glasses
B Hari Babu, N Ollier, M León Pichel, H El Hamzaoui, B Poumellec, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (12), 123107, 2015
Interplay between photo-and radiation-induced darkening in ytterbium-doped fibers
JB Duchez, F Mady, Y Mebrouk, N Ollier, M Benabdesselam
Optics letters 39 (20), 5969-5972, 2014
Evolution of Yb3+ environment and luminescence properties under ionizing irradiation in aluminoborosilicate glasses
N Ollier, JL Doualan, V Pukhkaya, T Charpentier, R Moncorgé, S Sen
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357 (3), 1037-1043, 2011
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