Stefano Ippolito
Stefano Ippolito
Postdoctoral Researcher, Drexel University
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Covalently interconnected transition metal dichalcogenide networks via defect engineering for high-performance electronic devices
S Ippolito, AG Kelly, R Furlan de Oliveira, MA Stoeckel, D Iglesias, A Roy, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 16 (5), 592-598, 2021
Liquid‐Gated Transistors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Flexible and Wearable Electronics
RF de Oliveira, PA Livio, VM GarcÝa, S Ippolito, M Eredia, PF Bolado, ...
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Functionalization of 2D Materials with Photosensitive Molecules: From Light‐Responsive Hybrid Systems to Multifunctional Devices
Y Zhao, S Ippolito, P Samorý
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M El Garah, S Bertolazzi, S Ippolito, M Eredia, I Janica, G Melinte, O Ersen, ...
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H Lin, DK Ji, MA Lucherelli, G Reina, S Ippolito, P Samorý, A Bianco
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S Ippolito, P Samorý
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Tailoring the physicochemical properties of solution-processed transition metal dichalcogenides via molecular approaches
S Ippolito, A Ciesielski, P Samorý
Chemical Communications, 2019
Asymmetric Dressing of WSe2 with (Macro)molecular Switches: Fabrication of Quaternary-Responsive Transistors
H Qiu, S Ippolito, A Galanti, Z Liu, P Samorý
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Effect of temperature and exfoliation time on the properties of chemically exfoliated MoS2 nanosheets.
I Janica, D Iglesias, S Ippolito, A Ciesielski, P Samorý
Chemical Communications, 2020
Unveiling Charge Transport Mechanisms in Electronic Devices based on Defect-engineered MoS2 Covalent Networks
S Ippolito, F Urban, W Zheng, O Mazzarisi, C Valentini, AG Kelly, SM Gali, ...
Advanced Materials, e2211157, 2023
2D materials and primary human dendritic cells: A comparative cytotoxicity study
H Lin, S Peng, S Guo, B Ma, MA Lucherelli, C Royer, S Ippolito, P Samorý, ...
Small 18 (20), 2107652, 2022
Charge transport enhancement in supramolecular oligothiophene assemblies using Pt(II) centers as a guide
AR Carretero, Y ATOINI, T Han, A Operamolla, S Ippolito, C Valentini, ...
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Simultaneous non-covalent bi-functionalization of 1T-MoS 2 ruled by electrostatic interactions: towards multi-responsive materials
D Iglesias, S Ippolito, A Ciesielski, P Samorý
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Enhancing Charge Storage of Mo2Ti2C3 MXene by Partial Oxidation
M Saraf, B Chacon, S Ippolito, RW Lord, M Anayee, R Wang, A Inman, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 34 (1), 2306815, 2024
Ultrathin MXene film interaction with electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range
R Rakhmanov, CE Shuck, J Al Hourani, S Ippolito, Y Gogotsi, G Friedman
Applied Physics Letters 123 (20), 2023
Defect engineering in 2D semiconductors: fabrication of hybrid multifunctional devices
S Ippolito
University of Strasbourg, 2021
Mechanical Properties of Conducting Printed Nanosheet Network Thin Films Under Uniaxial Compression
AD Sinnott, A Kelly, C Gabbett, J Munuera, L Doolan, M M÷bius, S Ippolito, ...
Advanced Materials 36 (9), 2306954, 2024
Porous Ti3AlC2 MAX phase enables efficient synthesis of Ti3C2Tx MXene
I Roslyk, I Baginskiy, V Zahorodna, O Gogotsi, S Ippolito, Y Gogotsi
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 2024
3D aerogels from hybrid 2D materials: ultralight and flexible superinsulators
S Ippolito, Y Gogotsi
National Science Review 10 (10), nwad196, 2023
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