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Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era—A review
A Addazi, J Alvarez-Muniz, RA Batista, G Amelino-Camelia, V Antonelli, ...
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 125, 103948, 2022
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M Bouhmadi-Lopez, A Errahmani, P Martin-Moruno, T Ouali, Y Tavakoli
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K Atazadeh, A Khaleghi, HR Sepangi, Y Tavakoli
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J Morais, M Bouhmadi-López, KS Kumar, J Marto, Y Tavakoli
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Appeasing the phantom menace?
M Bouhmadi-Lopez, Y Tavakoli, PV Moniz
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Creation of particles in a cyclic universe driven by loop quantum cosmology
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Y Tavakoli, C Escamilla‐Rivera, JC Fabris
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Why is the running vacuum energy more benign than the holographic Ricci dark energy?
M Bouhmadi-López, Y Tavakoli
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Gravitational collapse with tachyon field and barotropic fluid
Y Tavakoli, J Marto, AH Ziaie, PV Moniz
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Geometry of a two-qubit state and intertwining quaternionic conformal mapping under local unitary transformations
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Rainbow black hole from quantum gravitational collapse
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