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On the origins of nitric oxide
KJ Gupta, AR Fernie, WM Kaiser, JT van Dongen
Trends in plant science 16 (3), 160-168, 2011
Oxygen sensing in plants is mediated by an N-end rule pathway for protein destabilization
F Licausi, M Kosmacz, DA Weits, B Giuntoli, FM Giorgi, LACJ Voesenek, ...
Nature 479 (7373), 419, 2011
Making sense of low oxygen sensing
J Bailey-Serres, T Fukao, DJ Gibbs, MJ Holdsworth, SC Lee, F Licausi, ...
Trends in plant science 17 (3), 129-138, 2012
SNF1-related kinases allow plants to tolerate herbivory by allocating carbon to roots
J Schwachtje, PEH Minchin, S Jahnke, JT van Dongen, U Schittko, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (34), 12935-12940, 2006
Symbiotic leghemoglobins are crucial for nitrogen fixation in legume root nodules but not for general plant growth and development
T Ott, JT van Dongen, C Gu, L Krusell, G Desbrosses, H Vigeolas, V Bock, ...
Current biology 15 (6), 531-535, 2005
HRE1 and HRE2, two hypoxia‐inducible ethylene response factors, affect anaerobic responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
F Licausi, JT Van Dongen, B Giuntoli, G Novi, A Santaniello, ...
The Plant Journal 62 (2), 302-315, 2010
The effect of geometry on three-dimensional tissue growth
M Rumpler, A Woesz, JWC Dunlop, JT van Dongen, P Fratzl
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 5 (27), 1173-1180, 2008
Glycolysis and the tricarboxylic acid cycle are linked by alanine aminotransferase during hypoxia induced by waterlogging of Lotus japonicus
M Rocha, F Licausi, WL Arajo, A Nunes-Nesi, L Sodek, AR Fernie, ...
Plant Physiology 152 (3), 1501-1513, 2010
Cold‐induced repression of the rice anther‐specific cell wall invertase gene OSINV4 is correlated with sucrose accumulation and pollen sterility
SN Oliver, JT Van Dongen, SC Alfred, EA Mamun, X Zhao, HS Saini, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 28 (12), 1534-1551, 2005
Regulation of respiration and fermentation to control the plant internal oxygen concentration
A Zabalza, JT Van Dongen, A Froehlich, SN Oliver, B Faix, KJ Gupta, ...
Plant Physiology 149 (2), 1087-1098, 2009
Phloem metabolism and function have to cope with low internal oxygen
JT van Dongen, U Schurr, M Pfister, P Geigenberger
Plant Physiology 131 (4), 1529-1543, 2003
Transcript and metabolite profiling of the adaptive response to mild decreases in oxygen concentration in the roots of Arabidopsis plants
JT van Dongen, A Frhlich, SJ Ramrez-Aguilar, N Schauer, AR Fernie, ...
Annals of botany 103 (2), 269-280, 2008
Use of reverse‐phase liquid chromatography, linked to tandem mass spectrometry, to profile the Calvin cycle and other metabolic intermediates in Arabidopsis rosettes at…
S Arrivault, M Guenther, A Ivakov, R Feil, D Vosloh, JT Van Dongen, ...
The Plant Journal 59 (5), 826-839, 2009
Regulation of respiration when the oxygen availability changes
KJ Gupta, A Zabalza, JT Van Dongen
Physiologia Plantarum 137 (4), 383-391, 2009
Priming and memory of stress responses in organisms lacking a nervous system
M Hilker, J Schwachtje, M Baier, S Balazadeh, I Burle, S Geiselhardt, ...
Biological Reviews 91 (4), 1118-1133, 2016
Plant cysteine oxidases control the oxygen-dependent branch of the N-end-rule pathway
DA Weits, B Giuntoli, M Kosmacz, S Parlanti, HM Hubberten, H Riegler, ...
Nature Communications 5, 3425, 2014
Alternative oxidase: a defence against metabolic fluctuations?
AG Rasmusson, AR Fernie, JT Van Dongen
Physiologia Plantarum 137 (4), 371-382, 2009
Potassium (K+) gradients serve as a mobile energy source in plant vascular tissues
P Gajdanowicz, E Michard, M Sandmann, M Rocha, LGG Corra, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (2), 864-869, 2011
Mass spectrometry‐based plant metabolomics: Metabolite responses to abiotic stress
TF Jorge, JA Rodrigues, C Caldana, R Schmidt, JT van Dongen, ...
Mass Spectrometry Reviews 35 (5), 620-649, 2016
Comparative analysis between plant species of transcriptional and metabolic responses to hypoxia
R Narsai, M Rocha, P Geigenberger, J Whelan, JT van Dongen
New Phytologist 190 (2), 472-487, 2011
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