Mrutyunjay Suar
Mrutyunjay Suar
Director, School of Biotechnology, KIIT University
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Effectiveness of a rural sanitation programme on diarrhoea, soil-transmitted helminth infection, and child malnutrition in Odisha, India: a cluster-randomised trial
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Polysaccharide-capped silver Nanoparticles inhibit biofilm formation and eliminate multi-drug-resistant bacteria by disrupting bacterial cytoskeleton with reduced cytotoxicity …
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Solar-photocatalytic disinfection of Vibrio cholerae by using Ag@ ZnO core–shell structure nanocomposites
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Multiple etiologies of infectious diarrhea and concurrent infections in a pediatric outpatient-based screening study in Odisha, India
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Mechanistic insight into the rapid one-step facile biofabrication of antibacterial silver nanoparticles from bacterial release and their biogenicity and concentration-dependent …
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