Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza
Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza
Royal Society Newton International Fellow, University College London
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How has our knowledge of dinosaur diversity through geologic time changed through research history?
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Retrieved from, 2018
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An Italian dinosaur Lagerstätte reveals the tempo and mode of hadrosauriform body size evolution
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palaeoverse: A community‐driven R package to support palaeobiological analysis
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100 million years of turtle paleoniche dynamics enable the prediction of latitudinal range shifts in a warming world
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Virtual habitats, fossil preservation, and estimates of dinosaur biodiversity in the Cretaceous of North America
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Permian lobed Zoophycos as the product of the terrestrialization process: Behavioral innovation in the Tahkandit Limestone (Yukon River, Alaska, USA)
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There is more than meet the eyes: unfolding the diversity, age, and ecology of the Late Cretaceous Villaggio del Pescatore site (Trieste, Italy)
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Paleodays 2021. Abstract Book del XXI Convegno della Società Paleontologica …, 2021
Body-size evolution and biogeographic history in the Late Cretaceous European ‘archipelago’enlightened by the first Italian multi-individual dinosaur locality
A Chiarenza, M Fabbri, L Consorti, M Muscioni, D Evans, J Cantalapiedra, ...
Abstract Book of the 18th Conference of the European Association of …, 2021
The first multi-individual assemblage of a Mesozoic dinosaur from Italy: systematic, osteohistological and morphological re-evaluations of Tethyshadros insularis (Dinosauria …
A Chiarenza, M Fabbri, M Muscioni, D Evans, F Fanti
The Palaeontological Association 64th Annual Meeting Programme Abstracts AGM …, 2020
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