Michela Zottini
Michela Zottini
Department of Biology - University of Padova - Italy
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Genetic engineering of parthenocarpic plants
GL Rotino, E Perri, M Zottini, H Sommer, A Spena
Nature biotechnology 15 (13), 1398-1401, 1997
Nitric oxide is involved in cadmium-induced programmed cell death in Arabidopsis suspension cultures
R De Michele, E Vurro, C Rigo, A Costa, L Elviri, M Di Valentin, M Careri, ...
Plant Physiology 150 (1), 217-228, 2009
Nitric oxide affects plant mitochondrial functionality in vivo
M Zottini, E Formentin, M Scattolin, F Carimi, F Lo Schiavo, M Terzi
FEBS letters 515 (1-3), 75-78, 2002
H2O2 in plant peroxisomes: an in vivo analysis uncovers a Ca2+‐dependent scavenging system
A Costa, I Drago, S Behera, M Zottini, P Pizzo, JI Schroeder, T Pozzan, ...
The Plant Journal 62 (5), 760-772, 2010
Cytokinins: new apoptotic inducers in plants
F Carimi, M Zottini, E Formentin, M Terzi, F Lo Schiavo
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Salicylic acid activates nitric oxide synthesis in Arabidopsis
M Zottini, A Costa, R De Michele, M Ruzzene, F Carimi, F Lo Schiavo
Journal of Experimental Botany 58 (6), 1397-1405, 2007
Intracellular Ca2+ pools in PC12 cells. Three intracellular pools are distinguished by their turnover and mechanisms of Ca2+ accumulation, storage, and release.
C Fasolato, M Zottini, E Clementi, D Zacchetti, J Meldolesi, T Pozzan
Journal of Biological Chemistry 266 (30), 20159-20167, 1991
Genetically modified parthenocarpic eggplants: improved fruit productivity under both greenhouse and open field cultivation.
N Acciarri, F Restaino, G Vitelli, D Perrone, M Zottini, T Pandolfini, ...
BMC biotechnology 2, 1-7, 2002
Intracellular Ca2+ pools in PC12 cells. A unique, rapidly exchanging pool is sensitive to both inositol 1, 4, 5-trisphosphate and caffeine-ryanodine.
D Zacchetti, E Clementi, C Fasolato, P Lorenzon, M Zottini, F Grohovaz, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 266 (30), 20152-20158, 1991
Agroinfiltration of grapevine leaves for fast transient assays of gene expression and for long-term production of stable transformed cells
M Zottini, E Barizza, A Costa, E Formentin, C Ruberti, F Carimi, ...
Plant Cell Reports 27, 845-853, 2008
Exploring the potential of vineyards for biodiversity conservation and delivery of biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services: A global-scale systematic review
A Paiola, G Assandri, M Brambilla, M Zottini, P Pedrini, J Nascimbene
Science of the total environment 706, 135839, 2020
NO signalling in cytokinin‐induced programmed cell death
F Carimi, M Zottini, A Costa, I Cattelan, R De Michele, M Terzi, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment 28 (9), 1171-1178, 2005
Targeting of Cameleons to various subcellular compartments reveals a strict cytoplasmic/mitochondrial Ca2+ handling relationship in plant cells
G Loro, I Drago, T Pozzan, FL Schiavo, M Zottini, A Costa
The Plant Journal 71 (1), 1-13, 2012
The role of the endophytic microbiome in the grapevine response to environmental triggers
D Pacifico, A Squartini, D Crucitti, E Barizza, F Lo Schiavo, R Muresu, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 1256, 2019
The onset of grapevine berry ripening is characterized by ROS accumulation and lipoxygenase-mediated membrane peroxidation in the skin
S Pilati, D Brazzale, G Guella, A Milli, C Ruberti, F Biasioli, M Zottini, ...
BMC Plant Biology 14, 1-15, 2014
High levels of the cytokinin BAP induce PCD by accelerating senescence
F Carimi, M Terzi, R De Michele, M Zottini, FL Schiavo
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Transcriptome and cell physiological analyses in different rice cultivars provide new insights into adaptive and salinity stress responses
E Formentin, C Sudiro, G Perin, S Riccadonna, E Barizza, E Baldoni, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 204, 2018
Transcriptome analysis of Medicago truncatula leaf senescence: similarities and differences in metabolic and transcriptional regulations as compared with Arabidopsis, noduleá…
R De Michele, E Formentin, M Todesco, S Toppo, F Carimi, M Zottini, ...
New Phytologist 181 (3), 563-575, 2009
Chloroplast-Specific in Vivo Ca2+ Imaging Using Yellow Cameleon Fluorescent Protein Sensors Reveals Organelle-Autonomous Ca2+ Signatures in the Stroma
G Loro, S Wagner, FG Doccula, S Behera, S Weinl, J Kudla, ...
Plant Physiology 171 (4), 2317-2330, 2016
Biocontrol traits of Bacillus licheniformis GL174, a culturable endophyte of Vitis vinifera cv. Glera
S Nigris, E Baldan, A Tondello, F Zanella, N Vitulo, G Favaro, V Guidolin, ...
BMC microbiology 18, 1-16, 2018
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