Guido Ferlazzo
Guido Ferlazzo
Professor of Immunology and General Pathology
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Human dendritic cells activate resting natural killer (NK) cells and are recognized via the NKp30 receptor by activated NK cells
G Ferlazzo, ML Tsang, L Moretta, G Melioli, RM Steinman, C Munz
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The abundant NK cells in human secondary lymphoid tissues require activation to express killer cell Ig-like receptors and become cytolytic
G Ferlazzo, D Thomas, SL Lin, K Goodman, B Morandi, WA Muller, ...
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Distinct roles of IL-12 and IL-15 in human natural killer cell activation by dendritic cells from secondary lymphoid organs
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CD56brightCD16− killer Ig-like receptor− NK cells display longer telomeres and acquire features of CD56dim NK cells upon activation
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NK cells at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity
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NK cell compartments and their activation by dendritic cells
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Natural killer cells infiltrating human nonsmall‐cell lung cancer are enriched in CD56brightCD16 cells and display an impaired capability to kill tumor cells
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Effector and regulatory events during natural killer–dendritic cell interactions
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The natural killer cell‐mediated killing of autologous dendritic cells is confined to a cell subset expressing CD94/NKG2A, but lacking inhibitory killer Ig‐like receptors
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CD62L expression identifies a unique subset of polyfunctional CD56dim NK cells
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The interaction between NK cells and dendritic cells in bacterial infections results in rapid induction of NK cell activation and in the lysis of uninfected dendritic cells
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Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells from amniotic fluid: solid perspectives for clinical application
N Sessarego, A Parodi, M Podest, F Benvenuto, M Mogni, V Raviolo, ...
haematologica 93 (3), 339-346, 2008
NK cells of human secondary lymphoid tissues enhance T cell polarization via IFN‐γ secretion
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NCR+ ILC3 concentrate in human lung cancer and associate with intratumoral lymphoid structures
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Natural killer cell distribution and trafficking in human tissues
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Frontiers in immunology 3, 347, 2012
CD56brightperforinlow noncytotoxic human NK cells are abundant in both healthy and neoplastic solid tissues and recirculate to secondary lymphoid organs via afferent lymph
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Mature myeloid dendritic cell subsets have distinct roles for activation and viability of circulating human natural killer cells
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Dendritic cells generated either from CD34+ progenitor cells or from monocytes differ in their ability to activate antigen-specific CD8+ T cells
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Cross-talks between natural killer cells and distinct subsets of dendritic cells
G Ferlazzo, B Morandi
Frontiers in immunology 5, 159, 2014
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