Sander Otte
Sander Otte
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor of Physics, TU Delft
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Large magnetic anisotropy of a single atomic spin embedded in a surface molecular network
CF Hirjibehedin, CY Lin, AF Otte, M Ternes, CP Lutz, BA Jones, ...
Science 317 (5842), 1199-1203, 2007
The role of magnetic anisotropy in the Kondo effect
AF Otte, M Ternes, K Von Bergmann, S Loth, H Brune, CP Lutz, ...
Nature physics 4 (11), 847, 2008
Controlling the state of quantum spins with electric currents
S Loth, K Von Bergmann, M Ternes, AF Otte, CP Lutz, AJ Heinrich
Nature Physics 6 (5), 340, 2010
High-resolution tunnelling spectroscopy of a graphene quartet
YJ Song, AF Otte, Y Kuk, Y Hu, DB Torrance, PN First, WA De Heer, H Min, ...
Nature 467 (7312), 185, 2010
Spin excitations of a Kondo-screened atom coupled to a second magnetic atom
AF Otte, M Ternes, S Loth, CP Lutz, CF Hirjibehedin, AJ Heinrich
Physical review letters 103 (10), 107203, 2009
Invited review article: A 10 mK scanning probe microscopy facility
YJ Song, AF Otte, V Shvarts, Z Zhao, Y Kuk, SR Blankenship, A Band, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 81 (12), 121101, 2010
Vibrationally induced two-level systems in single-molecule junctions
WHA Thijssen, D Djukic, AF Otte, RH Bremmer, JM van Ruitenbeek
Physical review letters 97 (22), 226806, 2006
Local control of single atom magnetocrystalline anisotropy
B Bryant, A Spinelli, JJT Wagenaar, M Gerrits, AF Otte
Physical review letters 111 (12), 127203, 2013
A kilobyte rewritable atomic memory
FE Kalff, MP Rebergen, E Fahrenfort, J Girovsky, R Toskovic, JL Lado, ...
Nature nanotechnology 11 (11), 926, 2016
Imaging of spin waves in atomically designed nanomagnets
A Spinelli, B Bryant, F Delgado, J Fernández-Rossier, AF Otte
Nature materials 13 (8), 782, 2014
Atomic spin-chain realization of a model for quantum criticality
R Toskovic, R van den Berg, A Spinelli, IS Eliens, B van den Toorn, ...
Nature Physics 12 (7), 656, 2016
Observation of electronic and atomic shell effects in gold nanowires
AI Mares, AF Otte, LG Soukiassian, RHM Smit, JM Van Ruitenbeek
Physical Review B 70 (7), 073401, 2004
Exploring the phase diagram of the two-impurity Kondo problem
A Spinelli, M Gerrits, R Toskovic, B Bryant, M Ternes, AF Otte
Nature communications 6, 10046, 2015
Method to determine defect positions below a metal surface by STM
YS Avotina, YA Kolesnichenko, AN Omelyanchouk, AF Otte, ...
Physical Review B 71 (11), 115430, 2005
Spin-Orbit Semimetal in the Two-Dimensional Limit
DJ Groenendijk, C Autieri, J Girovsky, MC Martinez-Velarte, N Manca, ...
Physical review letters 119 (25), 256403, 2017
Signature of Fermi-surface anisotropy in point contact conductance in the presence of defects
YS Avotina, YA Kolesnichenko, AF Otte, JM van Ruitenbeek
Physical Review B 74 (8), 085411, 2006
Displacement operators and constraints on boundary central charges
C Herzog, KW Huang, K Jensen
Physical review letters 120 (2), 021601, 2018
Controlled complete suppression of single-atom inelastic spin and orbital cotunneling
B Bryant, R Toskovic, A Ferrón, JL Lado, A Spinelli, J Fernández-Rossier, ...
Nano letters 15 (10), 6542-6546, 2015
Atomically crafted spin lattices as model systems for quantum magnetism
A Spinelli, MP Rebergen, AF Otte
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (24), 243203, 2015
Emergence of quasiparticle Bloch states in artificial crystals crafted atom-by-atom
J Girovsky, JL Lado, F Kalff, N Fahrenfort, LJJM Peters, ...
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