Waldemar Marmisollé
Waldemar Marmisollé
INIFTA, UNLP, Argentina
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Self-Assembled Monolayers of NH2-Terminated Thiolates: Order, pKa, and Specific Adsorption
WA Marmisollé, DA Capdevila, E de la Llave, FJ Williams, DH Murgida
Langmuir 29 (17), 5351-5359, 2013
Nanofluidic diodes with dynamic rectification properties stemming from reversible electrochemical conversions in conducting polymers
G Pérez-Mitta, WA Marmisollé, C Trautmann, ME Toimil-Molares, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (49), 15382-15385, 2015
Recent developments in the layer-by-layer assembly of polyaniline and carbon nanomaterials for energy storage and sensing applications. From synthetic aspects to structural and …
WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Nanoscale 8 (19), 9890-9918, 2016
Specific methionine oxidation of cytochrome c in complexes with zwitterionic lipids by hydrogen peroxide: potential implications for apoptosis
DA Capdevila, WA Marmisollé, F Tomasina, V Demicheli, M Portela, ...
Chemical science 6 (1), 705-713, 2015
Supramolecular Surface Chemistry: Substrate‐Independent, Phosphate‐Driven Growth of Polyamine‐Based Multifunctional Thin Films
WA Marmisollé, J Irigoyen, D Gregurec, S Moya, O Azzaroni
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (26), 4144-4152, 2015
Phosphate mediated adsorption and electron transfer of cytochrome c. A time-resolved SERR spectroelectrochemical study
DA Capdevila, WA Marmisollé, FJ Williams, DH Murgida
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (15), 5386-5394, 2013
Acid–base equilibrium in conducting polymers. The case of reduced polyaniline
WA Marmisollé, MI Florit, D Posadas
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 734, 10-17, 2014
A formal representation of the anodic voltammetric response of polyaniline
WA Marmisollé, MI Florit, D Posadas
Journal of electroanalytical chemistry 655 (1), 17-22, 2011
Metal‐Organic Frameworks Help Conducting Polymers Optimize the Efficiency of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Neutral Solutions
M Rafti, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (16), 1600047, 2016
Coupling between proton binding and redox potential in electrochemically active macromolecules. The example of Polyaniline
WA Marmisollé, MI Florit, D Posadas
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 707, 43-51, 2013
Electrochemical aging of poly (aniline) and its ring substituted derivatives
WA Marmisollé, D Posadas, MI Florit
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (35), 10800-10805, 2008
Practical use of polymer brushes in sustainable energy applications: interfacial nanoarchitectonics for high-efficiency devices
JM Giussi, ML Cortez, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (3), 814-849, 2019
Highly-organized stacked multilayers via layer-by-layer assembly of lipid-like surfactants and polyelectrolytes. Stratified supramolecular structures for (bio) electrochemical …
ML Cortez, A Lorenzo, WA Marmisollé, C Von Bilderling, E Maza, ...
Soft Matter 14 (10), 1939-1952, 2018
Integration of biorecognition elements on PEDOT platforms through supramolecular interactions
LD Sappia, E Piccinini, W Marmisollé, N Santilli, E Maza, S Moya, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 4 (17), 1700502, 2017
Effect of Gold Nanoparticles on the Structure and Electron‐Transfer Characteristics of Glucose Oxidase Redox Polyelectrolyte‐Surfactant Complexes
ML Cortez, W Marmisollé, D Pallarola, LI Pietrasanta, DH Murgida, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (41), 13366-13374, 2014
Phosphate‐Responsive Biomimetic Nanofluidic Diodes Regulated by Polyamine–Phosphate Interactions: Insights into Their Functional Behavior from Theory and Experiment
G Pérez‐Mitta, WA Marmisollé, AG Albesa, ME Toimil‐Molares, ...
Small 14 (18), 1702131, 2018
Polyanilines with pendant amino groups as electrochemically active copolymers at neutral pH
WA Marmisollé, D Gregurec, S Moya, O Azzaroni
ChemElectroChem 2 (12), 2011-2019, 2015
Electrochemically induced ageing of polyaniline. An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study
WA Marmisollé, MI Florit, D Posadas
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 673, 65-71, 2012
Layer-by-layer assemblies of highly connected polyelectrolyte capped-Pt nanoparticles for electrocatalysis of hydrogen evolution reaction
GE Fenoy, E Maza, E Zelaya, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Applied Surface Science 416, 24-32, 2017
Dangerous liaisons: anion-induced protonation in phosphate–polyamine interactions and their implications for the charge states of biologically relevant surfaces
G Laucirica, WA Marmisollé, O Azzaroni
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (12), 8612-8620, 2017
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